How to maintain the hair of your cat?

Even if the cat takes the time to groom itself every day, you also need to take care of its coat. This is a reflection of the good health of your pet. How to proceed ? Brushing seems to be the best solution, but it’s not the only one. You should also make sure that your cat’s diet is suitable for his needs. Here are all our tips for maintaining your feline’s coat.

The interest of brushing

Brushing is the best way to maintain your cat’s coat. Whether your pet is short or long haired, regular brushing has many benefits. Because your cat is constantly licking itself, it swallows hair and regularly regurgitates it in the form of balls. By brushing your cat, you significantly reduce the amount of hair ingested. Brushing a cat’s hair therefore helps to remove dead hair. It also helps tone your skin and watch for the presence of parasites or lesions.

For optimal brushing, invest in a cat brush. It should be noted that dogs have a different coat, often thicker. It is therefore not recommended to use a dog brush on your cat. You can also use a special glove. It is recommended to brush a cat every week if it has short hair. If your little feline has long hair or is molting, brushing every two days is necessary.

Thorough brushing

A good brushing is done with a soft brush. First, you must brush in the direction of the hair to remove as much dead hair as possible. Then, in a second step, you can brush against the grain. This brushing only lasts a few minutes. It is a real hug for your pet. Start with the cat’s head and end with the tail. Brush lengthwise.

It is important to start brushing your cat from an early age. Thus, he will let himself be. If you find that your cat isn’t enjoying belly or tail brushing, don’t push it.

Manage knots well

It is not uncommon for long haired cats to have knots. It is important to manage them well because they can be the cause of infections and localized irritations. In addition, cats cannot resolve knots on their own.

If you need to remove a knot while brushing, do so gently. Brush gently until the knot comes out naturally. If it is impossible to untangle, do not pull. Take a pair of small scissors and cut your cat’s hair. Knots are very common behind the ears as well as in older cats.

Good nutrition for a beautiful coat

A good diet is essential for your cat to take full advantage of his feline and his beautiful silky coat. If your cat has deficiencies, their coat will be duller and the molt will go on forever. Make sure you feed them a diet rich in:

  • Animal proteins,
  • Essential fatty acids,
  • Vitamins,
  • Minerals.

If you opt for kibble, the formulas are perfectly suited to your pet’s needs. Some recipes are even designed for cats’ coats. Also make sure that your cat always has fresh water on hand.

Cat fur: mistakes to avoid

In order for your cat’s coat to be beautiful, it is important not to make mistakes. Here are the most common mistakes.

  • Using too much shampoo or lotion. This practice is dangerous because it can cause skin irritation even if you use cat products.
  • Pull on the knots. You have to succeed in coming to the end of the knots gently. If you hurt your cat, he will not let it go during future brushing.
  • Ignore the molts. The moults are more delicate periods during which your cat will lose its hair in quantity. You have to increase the frequency of brushing and enrich your diet.