How to make a Christmas tree base?

You have just brought home the famous Christmas tree or better, you have just recently cut it – it is not excluded that you are a lumberjack in your spare time … And there the question of the foot arises. Yes, there will be some among you – who are therefore not on this page – who will have brought back the foot as well, but not everyone will have thought of it and not everyone is necessarily satisfied with a plastic foot. or a foot sold with the tree. So in this case, how to do?

The easiest way is still to make a wooden cross that will serve as a support for your Christmas tree. To do this, you will need pieces of wood, a saw or jigsaw, and a planer or wood sander. You cut two long pieces, about 40 centimeters each – it all depends on the size of your tree. Then you nail them in a cross. Finally, you just have to nail this support to the base of the tree. It goes without saying that this technique works for trees of a small size. For the taller and wider, it will be necessary to strengthen the base. You can then transfer your tree to an old bucket that you place on a support made by you and that you wedge with vertical pieces of wood. Of course, to make the whole thing more aesthetic, you can dress this foot up.

What to make a stand for your Christmas tree?

This year, why not match the base of your tree with the rest of your decoration? Here are some ideas to make a tree stand or dress it up in the most elegant way possible.

A log

You can create a tree base yourself by cutting a log of wood and cutting it so that it makes a nice support. It is often sold with the trees. You also have the option of using a stump as a support. For this, you must be able to move it to your home. The wink is to have a wooden foot and an artificial tree!

A vintage container

Nothing is more elegant than an old bucket or a zinc basin as a tree base. You can choose them much larger than your tree base, this will create an aesthetic difference. In the family of trendy objects found in flea markets are all vintage zinc containers. To you the garage sales and other flea markets a few weeks before the end of the year holidays.

A wooden box

For a rustic and warm look, you can create a wooden base for your Christmas tree. With an old pallet or a pre-existing box. All you have to do is place your tree in the center and prop it up, why not with a blanket or paper or even wood chips?

A wicker basket

Do you want it to be the most beautiful from head to toe? To be in the Christmas spirit, place your tree in a large wicker basket. It is a very decorative solution for a tree foot. A very trendy and very soft natural decoration.

A paper bag wrapped in a string

If you don’t have burlap, you can gently wrap the base of your tree in kraft paper. This will bring a little rustic side. And even if it means playing the paper card, wrap empty boxes with shiny wrapping paper, these will serve as gifts at the foot of the tree. On D-Day, replace them with the real ones.

A mirror support

Do you want to make your tree base an original decoration? Why not hide it under shimmering plates. Adjust a set of mirrors around its base to multiply its light and always return more sparkles to your room. A real idea of ​​Christmas, illuminated.

A storage box

Sometimes not much is enough. A simple storage box. Those that you use to store your Christmas decorations for example! Exceptionally, you empty it to make your tree base and its covering. Ideally, match the color of the box to your decoration. If you’re into traditional Christmas colors, you should be able to get your hands on a crate in shades of red or green. You can hide it a little, wrap it with a big ribbon to make it like a big gift, in the spirit of Christmas.

A basket full of nuts and hazelnuts

Take a basket and fill it with walnuts and hazelnuts. You can also add chestnuts or pine cones, more voluminous. You will then obtain a very natural container in which to immerse your Christmas tree. Both warm and traditional, this detail will add a little je ne sais quoi to your holiday decoration.

A recycled tire

It’s a novel idea if you let it show. Why not paint a salvaged tire in a bright color and place it at the base of your tree? Or rather insert your tree in this tire. It will be there a long way from its primary function. It’s relevant, funny and effective to reuse it!