How to make a coffee table from a recycled pallet?

As the time is now for recycling and no longer for wasting, home-made furniture is finding more and more favor in the eyes of decorators. This is the case for example of a coffee table made from pallets for example.


The delivery pallets can be picked up free of charge from department stores and supermarkets. Thus, for the realization of a classic coffee table, the first thing to do is to draw the plan of the furniture. Make a sketch with specific dimensions. This gives you an idea of ​​the quantity of pallets you will need, favoring those with boards in good condition with more or less equivalent thicknesses.

And since this material is generally stored in the open air, it is therefore often damaged. You have to take the time to choose them well, while still planning to reserve pallets. By the way, you also need to take some planks for the top of the coffee table. Here the ideal is to collect them on site. To do this, you need to disassemble pallets with a hammer and chisel.

Once you have the necessary wood in your possession, the next step is to cut it according to the dimensions of the furniture, using a circular or manual saw. Then, with a coarse sandpaper, sand the boards and the pallet to remove chips and imperfections from the surface. If not, you should also treat the wood to preserve it from putrescibility by coating it with linseed oil or beeswax. No need to use products such as xylophene, you will poison yourself unnecessarily.

After this step, the boards will already have a more uniform and smoother appearance, very aesthetic.


Fortunately, assembly is the easiest phase, since all you need to do is nail the wooden boards intended for the table top to the hollow side of the pallet. As an alternative, for a coffee table that can be moved in any room of the house, you can also screw casters on it. Still prefer blocked models to avoid furniture that is too mobile.

If you want to keep the pattern and natural color of the wood, there is no need to paint. If you still want to color your table, you will have to wait a minimum of forty-eight hours before applying coats of paint or stain. In this case then, only use acrylic paint to be diluted in plenty of water.

For the technique, you are spoiled for choice between the stencil, with a sponge or with just a spray can. The trick is to start with an undercoat or bonding primer, this will prevent you from passing several coats before obtaining a uniform result. You will also waste less paint.

Here is a coffee table a little “vintage” or “nature” depending on the style you have given it!

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