How to make your cat’s coat beautiful and shiny?

The appearance of a cat’s fur says a lot about the health of the animal. Some diseases are the cause of a dull coat. But a lack of food can also affect the beauty and shine of the hair of an adult cat or kitten just like the lack of care. So let’s see all the solutions that allow a cat to wear a sublime dress, with soft and silky hair, exceptional shine and density.

Health problems that dull a cat’s coat

So that the cat keeps a shiny and dense fur, care must be taken to keep him in good health. Tarnishing and hair loss should put the flea in the ear of its master because this can be the sign:

  • From a digestive problem,
  • From a mycosis,
  • From dermatitis,
  • From a weakened immune system,
  • From an infestation by a parasite,
  • From a dietary deficiency,
  • From a serious pathology.

If there is a change in coat appearance of your cat, if it gets tangled easily, falls in patches, if the coat is coarse or has lost all its shine, do not wait for consult the vet who will be able to carry out various examinations in order to identify the exact cause and prescribe the treatment which is then necessary, after having made his diagnosis.

Balanced food for beautiful fur

In the same way that it acts on our hair, food impacts the cat’s coat. It is essential that the little feline can benefit from a balanced diet so that his body has all nutrients that it needs to function properly.

Very often a nutritional deficiency quickly has repercussions on the coat but also on the skin. This is, for example, the problem encountered by cats given industrial food of poor nutritional quality which are too rich in bad fats, poor in vitamins, minerals, trace elements and polyunsaturated fatty acids. It is therefore better to opt for premium quality foods, even if they cost a little more.

It can be noted that fatty fish, well endowed with omega help maintain the beauty of the coat, but a cat should not eat it more than twice a week and at a maximum of 20 grams each time. It can help embellish his fur.

To know also, thehydration is essential to maintain the shine of the coat. The twink must therefore be able to drink at any time of the day and night. The good idea is to give him a water fountain for cats.

Maintain your cat’s coat regularly

A cat’s coat needs regular care to keep it soft, shiny, and beautiful. The longer the hair, the more frequent the maintenance should be. For a short-haired cat, two brushings per week may be enough, while for a long-haired cat, it is necessary to devote a little time to it every day. At the end of the day, when the kitty has returned to his penates, his master can for example set up a ritual that will not displease the kitty: the maintenance of his fur.

A thorough brushing helps distribute the sebum over the entire coat and therefore make it more shiny. It is also essential for remove dead hair, so the cat will swallow less when washing. Let us not forget that ingested hairs can, by dint of accumulating, lead to intestinal obstruction. Each of these beauty sessions is also an opportunity to check the condition of the undercoat and skin of his little feline and at the same time, his breeder can take the opportunity to look for the presence of possible parasites such as fleas or ticks which should be eliminated without delay.

Finally, from time to time, it is useful to clean your cat’s coat using a lotion special or a shampoo suitable treating. You can also use a sebum regulator spray if the animal has dandruff. It is up to each owner to choose the product that best suits his little companion, preferably following the expert advice of the veterinarian. Note that some cat shampoos are used exclusively during bath… Still it is necessary that the kitty likes to bask in the bathtub.