How to make your dog’s coat beautiful and shiny?

The loss of shine of the dog’s fur is due to various reasons such as the presence of parasites or even a disease. The appearance of the coat is therefore a good indicator of the state of health of the animal. This is why the lack of shine firstly justifies a consultation with the veterinarian so that a health check-up is carried out. But let’s not forget that one quality food and theinterview are also essential for the dog to have a shiny and silky coat. Let’s do a check in.

Take care of your dog’s coat on a daily basis

In addition to a perfectly balanced diet, the dog should benefit from daily care. So that he keeps (or finds) a soft, dense, shiny coat, it is necessary brush it as regularly as possible and inspect it at the same time to ensure that no parasite has taken up residence there otherwise, it is essential to treat with a pest control product.

The brush must be chosen according to the type of hair, long, mid-length or short. You can get this type ofdog accessory in a pet store, on an online site, in certain pharmacies or drugstores, or even at the veterinarian.

As to dog shampoo, it is also absolutely crucial. The ideal is to accustom the animal as soon as possible to take advantage of the pleasures of the bath for this beauty ritual goes off without a hitch. Use a canine shampoo that cleans the coat thoroughly and also rids the skin of dust and sebum. In long-haired dogs who tend to get tangled easily, a detangling adapted. But in any case, the rinsing should be careful.

This maintenance inevitably involves increased monitoring of the skin of the dog. This must be perfectly healthy so that the coat is beautiful and silky. Any sign of skin disease should lead to a consultation and justify the use of a lotion specifically designed to treat skin disorders.

Improve the quality of your dog’s coat thanks to food

Just like thebalanced diet has an impact on our hair, it acts directly on the condition of the dog’s fur. It is therefore essential that the animal receives all the nutrients its body needs on a daily basis so that its coat remains beautiful and shiny. Any deficiency causes a dullness of the coat, even a loss of the density of the coat. To do this well, the master must ensure that the diet of his little companion is well provided with:

  • Water, essential for life: it must be consumed in sufficient quantity for the dog to be sufficiently hydrated. We therefore make sure that our water bowl is never empty.
  • Omega 3 and omega 6 : they are essential fatty acids energy suppliers but that is not all. They allow the body to better absorb nutrients that it cannot synthesize. That is why they must be supplied by the diet.
  • The vitamins, especially vitamin AT essential for the good health of the hair, the vitamin E which is an antioxidant, but also the vitamin B8 a deficiency of which causes hair loss, dulling or even dermatitis.
  • The minerals and trace elements which also allow the dog to maintain a beautiful and healthy coat.

Every day, the animal must absolutely be able to have food of excellent nutritional quality. Vegetable oil, fish, meat, whole grains, eggs and pulses can be part of its daily portion. Some owners choose to prepare their dog’s meal themselves, but do not always know how to make up each portion. To avoid mistakes, it is in their best interest either to seek advice from the veterinarian or to obtain Premium mash or dry food.

In any case, you must be careful not to radically change your dog’s diet overnight because this can lead to digestive problems. The food rebalancing is done over several days, always on the advice of the veterinarian. In four weeks, we can then see a marked improvement in the appearance of the animal’s coat.

Restoring shine to a dog’s coat: the tips

In the absence of any health problem that could alter the quality of the doggie’s fur, we can resort to a few natural solutions to restore its shine. Here are some little tips that give great results.

  • Preparation for eggs to shine a dog’s coat: emulsify 2 egg yolks in 100 cl of water slightly warm then distribute this treatment over the animal’s coat after shampooing it. Leave on for 4 to 6 minutes, then rinse thoroughly to remove all of the residue from this homemade lotion.
  • Homemade lanolin canine conditioner : all you have to do is place a good tablespoon of this fatty substance (obtained from sheep fat) in 100 cl of hot water then beat vigorously to obtain a perfectly homogeneous mixture. It is then used as a conditioner, well distributed over all the dog’s fur. Simply rinse carefully the animal in the shower after a 5 to 10 minute break.

Some masters even use beer to intensify the softness and shine of their little companion’s coat because they have found it to be useful on their own hair. It can indeed be used from time to time, respecting a break time of about 5 minutes. But it is very important to carry out a intensive rinsing with lukewarm water and clear if you want to prevent the hair from being sticky.

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