How to open a mailbox without a key because it is lost?

Are you annoyed that you lost the key to your mailbox? You were waiting for a very important mail and now you have lost your key. What to do now, other than tell yourself that you are probably going to waste time and money? Try to be calm, we are going to give you some advice so that you can successfully open that damn mailbox. Okay, and in the event that those solutions don’t get over that mailbox, that’s a sign that you need to invest in a brand new mailbox.

Try to hire a locksmith first.

It is often in a hurry that we find ourselves calling a locksmith. But that mail stuck inside your mailbox without you being able to open it with a key is precious to you. So instead of trying it alone, hire a professional. Why waste time trying to break your mailbox lock? It is best to contact a locksmith for assistance. This will most likely use a pass that will allow him to open your mailbox. Or if it’s not a pass, he’ll use a lockpick kit. It usually has many. Of course, its service will make you lose money but save time and a priori keep a letterbox in good condition.

Arrange with your postman.

Letter carriers usually have a pass that opens all mailboxes. If you know yours, try to check with him to see if he’s ready to help you out. Officially, postal professionals are not a priori not authorized to do this kind of thing… You can otherwise get this pass. Reserved for professionals, it can also be sold to individuals. Buying it directly will save you the service of the locksmith. The models are specific according to your barrel. Take the time to choose the right pass, lest you end up empty-handed. This would annoy you even more, without being able to read your precious expected mail.

Then try to use force.

It is true that in life we ​​rarely recommend the use of force. But in this case, if you have no other solution… Take a fairly large screwdriver or a knife with a metal blade. Insert the object into the lock. And press hard while turning. With the effort, the lock should pop. Likewise, if you use a hammer. Of course, this method may damage your mailbox by warping it. To try this method, you must first decide if your mailbox is old enough to be replaced with a new one. Speaking of which, if your mailbox is new or very modern, you may not be able to use force to unlock it. Some current technologies make this impossible.

Use something that looks like a key.

Another way to unlock your mailbox without a key, since most mailbox mechanisms are simple or most of them are made in China, is to use small manicure scissors or a small, thin knife. You only have to insert the thin part of the objects into the lock and then turn in the same direction as with a key. Turn slowly until the door opens or until you hear the characteristic “click”. If using a pair of small scissors or a small knife doesn’t work, you can fall back on a thin bobby pin. Again, insert the bobby pin into the lock, push it in a bit and twist in different directions. In either case, do not force the lock to deform or even break.

Try using an electric drill.

If you are planning to buy a new lock, you can try the electric drill method. It is almost certain that it will damage part of the lock, which will be difficult to repair afterwards. Take an electric drill. A priori, you will need a long extension cord to make it work. Connect it to the mains. Then drill a hole in the center of the lock and take a fairly large screwdriver, a small pair of scissors or a hammer.

Push a little to break the mechanism. Once this one is broken, the letterbox door opens. Drill carefully. It’s a safe bet that after drilling you will have to change the entire lock mechanism.

Hook your mailbox lock.

Crochet immediately brings to mind a burglary technique. It is wearing used by locksmiths. You have this last resort to try to open your mailbox. This is an opening technique that you must master in order to be able to apply it. In order for this to work, you need to know the composition and operation of your mailbox lock. Know that in principle, lockpicking is a technique that is performed with hooks and a trainer. You can therefore use a paper clip or a flat hair clip to turn them into hooks. You bend them then insert them into the cylinder in order to successfully rotate it.

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