How to properly prepare your mortgage file?

Have you just found the perfect accommodation and want to become an owner? So you want to get the best possible home loan to make your acquisition.

You are in the right place, we give you the procedure to properly prepare your mortgage file and put the odds on your side!

Use an online home loan comparison tool

Before going head-to-head in your usual banking establishment to study your project, have a first reflex that will be of great help to you in the future: use an online comparator to find out the feasibility of your project.

With a free, no-obligation simulator, you will save time for several reasons:

  • You will need to prepare the necessary documents to carefully fill out the comparator and receive relevant offers that are truly adapted to your situation.
  • You will know instantly if your mortgage project is viable or if it is refused by the majority of banking establishments
  • You will get the list of the most attractive offers offered by the banks and know where to make an appointment to play the competition

Online simulation allows you to save energy and make your process easier, so don’t hesitate. And after, prepare your file carefully …

Gather all your supporting documents for your mortgage file

Banking institutions will all ask you for the same supporting documents. The list of these documents is even sent to you in your appointment confirmation. The ideal is to prepare a pocket in which you will slip all the original documents. This pouch will be your best ally for all your procedures.

Personal documents

You will need the following parts for yourself and for your co-borrower if there is one:

  • A valid identity document (national identity card, passport or residence permit)
  • Family record book, marriage certificate or PACS certificate
  • Divorce judgment, final agreement or community liquidation deed
  • Proof of address of less than 3 months (water, electricity, telephone, rent receipt, property tax, free accommodation certificate, etc.)
  • In the case of an SCI: the articles of association and the KBIS

Documents justifying your resources

To get your mortgage, of course, the bank needs to know your income. You must therefore attach:

  • An employment contract and its amendments if you are an employee, failing which a promise of employment
  • The last three payslips or the last three financial statements (accompanied by your statutes and your KBIS)
  • The payslip for the month of December if you receive bonuses
  • Account statements for the last 3 months (personal and professional)
  • The last two tax notices
  • Documents relating to additional resources (CAF, pensions, retirement, property income, etc.)

Documents justifying your charges

To grant you a mortgage, the bank must calculate your debt ratio, so it needs supporting documents if there are any:

  • Amortization table for current mortgage loans
  • Monthly statements of current consumer loans

Documents relating to the real estate project

You will need to attach the elements justifying your real estate acquisition project. It can act from:

  • Your compromise or promise to sell
  • Your contract for the reservation of an off-plan property (Sale in the Future State of Completion)
  • Your construction contract or your building permit with estimate of the work to be done
  • Documents relating to the PTZ (zero rate loan) or employer loans (1% housing, etc.)

Finally, have all the supporting documents in your possession if you have savings or investments. They can allow you to have elements of negotiation to benefit from advantageous loan terms.

Our additional advice for a successful loan file

Know that the person who will receive you, advisor or head of agency, will be attentive to your seriousness and the care you take to your file. By showing that you are organized, your borrower profile will be reassuring for the bank.

It is better to plan too much than not enough, so any coin that you think is useful because it can work in your favor should be attached to your “borrower” pocket. You can present these documents if they are requested during your discussions.

Whenever possible, do not hesitate to postpone your project for a few weeks or months to present an impeccable dossier:

  • Justify the amount of your contribution, it must be 10% or more if possible
  • Balance your consumer loans to reduce your debt ratio, it should not exceed 33%
  • Take care of your account statements, taking care to have no intervention commission, no direct debit rejection, or overdraft (even if it is authorized)
  • Save, make regular transfers to a passbook or life insurance to show your good management

If you feel overwhelmed, in difficulty or if you simply want to be accompanied and supported in your home loan process, do not hesitate to call on a broker who will be able to put together your file to show you in your best light.

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