How to protect windows, balconies and terraces to prevent a cat from falling?

A cat can be unpredictable. There are many things that can go on in their head, especially with young people, that can cause them to have a fatal fall. A sudden urge to run everywhere, a pigeon or a fly behind the window, a badly calculated jump: these are the risks that apartment cats can run. Fortunately there are systems to protect them from an irremediable urge to take the plunge.

What are these protections for cats and where to find them?

For this kind of protection, there are not a thousand solutions. The safety net is the safest thing. Once properly secured, with screws, this net will hold back any attempt to jump from your little companion.

There are also removable threads without screws, with a pressure system by tightening small screws on each side to put pressure on the wall using sort of suction cups. This system is however less secure, if the cat jumps too violently on the net, there is a risk that it will unhook. I therefore advise against this model.

First of all, you should know that you will have to do a minimum of tinkering to install these safeties. If you really don’t have the soul of a handyman, there are companies that can install what you need, the price will vary depending on the company and the surface to be secured. Count on average between 60 and 150 euros.

Otherwise, you can find window protection net kits at pet stores, which cost between 15 and 30 euros depending on the size. For balconies and terraces, which naturally require a much larger net, not all pet shops have the necessary kits. However, you will find some in DIY stores, and all you have to do is install them.

How to install the protections for the cat?

If you have chosen to install your system yourself, know that it is not very complicated, but that you will have to allow a little time to do it as well as to make sure that the nets hold well, it is better not to take no risk.

Protect windows against falling cats

Window nets are the easiest to install. You just have to extend the net over the four corners of the window, and fix each corner with a large screw (included in the kit) to screw into the wall. Make sure everything is secure by pushing with your hand. If nothing moves, the net is secure.

Protect balconies against falling cats

A little more painful to install than the window system, the balcony protection, due to its size, will require the presence of two people to install it, because here too the net will have to be stretched, and its size prevents it from being done. only. You will have to pass the lower part of the net to the outside of the balcony barrier, and the upper side will have to pass above you and attach to the balcony wall. Then, you will need to fix at least the four corners, or even more depending on the models and sizes, again using large screws. Do the same stress test as for the windows.

Protect the terrace against the fall of the cat

This will be the most painful system to install, since we are not really talking about a net that will cover your terrace, the surface to be covered would be too large, but rather a barrier, which can be made of wood or wire mesh, to enclose all around the terrace. It will be necessary here to fix the bases all along the terrace using large screws, then install the barriers above by screwing them on the bases already installed.

Installing these safety systems can be daunting and painful, but it is part of your responsibility as a cat owner to avoid this risk of falling which can be fatal. Now it’s up to you to make the right choice.