How to remove cat hair? All our techniques!

On our sheets, our cushions, our sofas or even our clothes, cat hair can be a real ordeal for all cat owners. Even if we love our animals, their hair is so fine and so volatile that we can without realizing it allow ourselves to be invaded and it is sometimes difficult to get rid of them, especially when we do not have the technique.

Using a vacuum cleaner

This is obviously the most logical technique and it works: remember to vacuum very regularly throughout your home (at least once a week), so that the hairs and dust do not accumulate, thus becoming a lot harder to clean. For carpets and fabrics, some vacuum cleaners have, among their accessories, a nozzle equipped with a brush, ideal for removing hairs from fabrics and vacuuming them instantly.

The adhesive roll

One of the best accessories for cleaning clothes from cat or dog hair, the adhesive roller works on a very simple principle: an adhesive strip is put on a roller which is itself fixed on a handle allowing it to turn. This adhesive material works great for clothing, but needs to be changed regularly.

The washing-up glove

A little less conventional technique but which is nonetheless effective: simply use a washing-up mitt, and rub all your cushions, sheets, plaids and blankets in a circular fashion. The material of these gloves attracts hair with friction. You just have to pick up the hairballs thus formed.

Recycle an old pantyhose

Flip the weapons of those hairs that cling to all your clothes against them! Thread old pantyhose onto a brush or broom. These famous hairs that love to hang on to tights, among other things, will attach themselves to the latter that you will have attached to your broom. The only problem with this technique is that you have to throw away the pantyhose each time you use them, because removing all the hairs caught in them would be impossible. Only use this technique if you are about to throw away an old pair of tights.

Wet washcloth

Moisture clings to the hairs, it is well known. Simply use a wet washcloth, then rub in a circular manner, just like the dishcloth: you will create hairballs, you will just have to remove them. Very effective on all fabrics such as sheets or blankets, this technique is a little less effective on clothing. Once your cleaning is done, do not forget to remove as much hair as possible from your washcloth before putting it in the machine, so that it does not transmit all the hair it has absorbed to your clothes. being washed, nor clogging the washing machine filter.

Tips for removing cat hair in the car

When you are transporting your little companion in the car, there are two tips to limit hair. The first: lay out a fitted bed sheet about 90cm wide on your back seat. The rubber bands will have the advantage of fitting well on your seats, and this will protect your car seats. However, the fitted sheet must be washed after use.

The second is much more effective: a flexible synthetic plastic cover that does not catch the hair. This cover is designed to attach and adapt to cars, so you can use it easily. You will just have to shake it after each use, and wash it regularly in the machine, every two weeks or every month depending on your frequency of use.

So that your cat sheds less hair

There is a very simple technique to make your cat shed less hair. You just need to brush it regularly, every two or three days, using a brush or a washing-up glove. This will remove excess hair from your cat’s coat and throw it straight in the trash, instead of all the hair flying around your home.

Remember to brush your cat mainly during the shoulder seasons, that is to say in spring and autumn, when temperatures rise or fall rapidly. It is during these seasons that cats enter the moulting period, and adapt their coat according to the season to come. They thus have a thicker coat in autumn to prepare for the cold of winter, and lose this thick coat in spring to be less warm in summer.

You now have all the techniques to get rid of the hairs that invade your home, you will see that it is not that complicated, all it takes is a good technique and a little bit of elbow grease and you will be rid of it. no time for this ordeal.

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