How to renovate your kitchen at a lower cost?

The kitchen is today one of the centerpieces of the house or apartment. Everyone is ready to devote all their efforts to its transformation to have a totally revamped kitchen, ultra modern, super equipped … in short, a beauty to make the greatest decorators swoon and all this without spending a lot of money. Well it is quite possible! So let’s see how to renovate your kitchen at a lower cost to transform it into a dream space.

What are the strengths of a beautiful kitchen?

What owners are looking for today is having a room:

  • Sufficiently spacious,
  • Bright,
  • Functional,
  • Where space is optimized,
  • Aesthetic.

The open kitchen on the stay is also very popular, but not unanimously, many people preferring to opt for a closed kitchen. Both concepts have their strengths and drawbacks. But regardless of the type of configuration chosen, the main thing is to be able to prepare your meals in a well-lit and perfectly arranged environment, where you can enjoy spending time.

Rejuvenate your kitchen without breaking the bank

When you invest in a property, among the rooms that you want to quickly renovate, the kitchen is at the top of the list and that’s normal. We hardly appreciate the old kitchens which are still in their original state today. For metamorphose this room without breaking the bank, here are the avenues not to be overlooked.

Renovate or create your splashback

No need to break an old-fashioned tile to replace it with a new splashback. We find in any good sign of DIY paint perfectly suited for this type of renovation. It is a resin capable of withstanding without fail the harsh stresses to which it will be exposed such as heat, humidity, fouling and therefore muscular leaching which must make it possible to eliminate the slightest stain of fat, even encrusted . No need for an underlay and the price is 10 to 20 € per m².

Itou if the old kitchen to renovate does not have wall tiles but you simply want to create a credenza effect with a mural. We choose it resistant and washable for an average price of 15 € / m². Resin and backsplash murals are available in countless colors to achieve perfect harmony with the rest of the kitchen.

There is a third solution which consists in installing a self-adhesive or adhesive splashback, a sort of sticker plain, printed, with a metal, wood, tiled look… For an entry-level price of € 30, you can indulge yourself cheaply.

Repaint your kitchen units

If we blame them outdated look the old fitted kitchens, on the other hand we appreciate the very good quality of the furniture which are quite frequently in solid oak. It would therefore be a shame to replace them with particle board or chipboard. Better to just buy a painting adapted to this type of renovation work in order to give a facelift to its cupboards. For a radical metamorphosis, we also change the door knobs. Cost of the operation: between 20 and 80 € per m² for painting and 4 to 7 € / piece for pretty buttons.

Treat yourself to a top work plan

Nothing is more practical than large work plan on which you cook as you wish. This essential element is offered in multiple thicknesses, can be cut to measure and is available in infinity (or almost): stainless steel, granite, solid wood, quartz, concrete, resin, ceramic, natural stone, glass… The price is therefore extremely variable. To get an idea of ​​what a kitchen worktop can cost (excluding installation), let’s say that the starting price is 80 € / m² and the maximum price can easily exceed 400 € / m².

Cover the tiled floor

The flooring counts a lot in the renovation of the kitchen. You can change everything, if you keep an aging tile or just that you find horrible, you will never be satisfied with the end result. Fortunately, there are various solutions for camouflage the tiled floor and transform your kitchen at a lower cost.

  • The water-repellent laminate parquet suitable for humid rooms: from 25 to 60 € / m²,
  • The waxed concrete, a must in the field of decoration. Note that there are two types:
    • Real waxed concrete made from mortar or concrete and possibly a binder. Between 250 and 300 € / m² including installation or around 200 € / m² excluding installation.
    • Imitation waxed concrete, a mixture of mineral powder, water, polyurethane resin and additives. From 80 to 130 € / m².
  • Linoleum, a flexible PVC or similar (vinyl) covering, easy to install but also to maintain and which is available to infinity. Its price per square meter depends on its quality:
    • Entry level: 12 to 30 €,
    • Mid-range: 35 to 50 €,
    • Top of the range: from 70 €.
  • The epoxy resin, for an exceptional rendering that brings a very contemporary touch to the kitchen. It is essential today in the field of interior renovation because it allows countless possibilities of customization. We love its palette of colors and the different possible finishes, glitter, matte, ultra shiny mirror effect … You need more or less 1.5 kg of epoxy resin to cover 1 m² with a thickness of 1 mm. It may be more advantageous to buy it as a kit but we recommend entrusting the installation of a resin to a craftsman. Prices on estimate.

These price ranges are understood out of pose unless we have specifically stated otherwise. If you do not want to take care of the home-staging of its kitchen, it is quite possible to rely on a professional. The price of labor varies depending on the operator, the geographical area, but also the coating chosen, some requiring more technicality than others. Thanks to an online comparator, in a few clicks you can obtain several quotes of local artisans.

Install a room divider between your kitchen and your living room

For those who hesitate between the open kitchen style US and the closed kitchen, there is an unstoppable solution allowing to open and close his kitchen at will: the room divider, from 1 to 4 leaves, up to 6 meters in length. It adapts to all configurations since it is made in a bespoke workshop. This sliding panel has the wind in its sails because it saves real space and brings personality to the interior decoration. It sets up in two hours so you can transform your kitchen in the blink of an eye.

Another very popular solution if you want a semi-open kitchen consists in asking a glass brick partition which, like the movable partition, allows you to enjoy a beautiful light in the kitchen. A more current version than the glass brick partition is to install a splendid canopy. The top …

Finally, to renovate your kitchen at a lower cost, take full advantage of online tutorials to learn how to give a second life to salvage furniture: DIY obliges. It’s trendy and it’s good for the planet, but also for the wallet. And of course we do not forget to focus on lighting the most trendy.

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