How to reward your dog after a good deed?

Dog training must be accomplished through a method sweet and respectful. The reward, the key to any learning process, places the animal in the ideal conditions to assimilate the rules, to please its owner and to gain trust. How to reward your dog after a good deed? A hint: our doggies are very greedy

Why reward your dog after a good deed?

Practiced in a benevolent and stimulating context, the reinforcement positive is the most effective way to teach your dog the correct commands and behaviors. This principle allows to motivate the animal and to encourage its good attitudes. By rewarding a correctly executed order, the master makes his companion want to reproduce his action in order to obtain a new reward. Conversely, by generating stress and fear, punishment does not respect the well-being of the animal and as such, does not in any way represent an alternative in its education. In summary, rewarding your dog aims to:

  • To reinforce the relationship with his master;
  • The motivate to act well;
  • Give him trust.

Reward your dog with a treat

To facilitate the learning of an order or to congratulate it after a good behavior, the most appreciated reward of the dogs remains (not surprisingly) the treat. In order to further stimulate the hairball, this little extra should seem exceptional and thus change from its ordinary croquettes. Some of the most palatable snacks are knacki sausages and chunks of cheese. The effectiveness of the gourmet reward as part of a positive education should not make us forget that a excess risk of promoting health problems or being overweight. Our advice and tips:

  • Use reasonable and causesl delicacies;
  • Choose treats low calorie intake. The store also offers healthy and / or natural products made without adding sugar, fat and other preservatives;
  • Choose extras that you can cut into small parts, so as to reduce the quantity dispensed;
  • Take into account the energy intake given in the form of rewards and subtract it from his food ration Daily.

When should you reward your dog?

Whether it is a order correctly executed (sitting, lying), behaviour appropriate (the puppy has defecated outside) or respect for a not allowed (he did not jump on the guests), many actions can be gratified by the reward. However, the dog has a notion of time different from ours: he lives in the present moment and will not establish a cause and effect link with an event that occurred ten minutes previously. So when asked to sit down, the treat should be offered immediately that he does so and not when he gets up (or if he jumps on us with enthusiasm). This consistency is essential in order not to confuse the dog and to unintentionally encourage an unwanted action. You can stimulate him in him showing the treat before giving him a verbal command.

When should we stop the treat?

After about a month of use for a specific exercise (duration to be modulated according to the progress of the dog), the greedy rewards must be spaced out then removed. The deletion takes place in a progressive so as not to demotivate the animal: you distribute the treat once in two and then once in four. However, you will have to start giving it again when you learn a new order to your pooch. The interest of treats lies in their rarity: the dog will see his pleasure increased if the extras are distributed sparingly. If they fall every two minutes, they risk being trivialized and no longer acting as a motivator.

Replace the treat with the voice and the caress

It should be borne in mind that any exercise correctly performed or the right attitude deserves a reward, at least. verbal. During the first learning phase, it is strongly recommended to accompany the treat with a formula oral “yes, that’s good”. When you stop the delicacies, you will have to continue the encouragement by adopting a very playful tone and not hesitating to raise your voice in the acute. Offering him a bonus in caresses and hugs will not be too much to reward him when his behavior meets your expectations. This method sweet must punctuate each good deed and this, during all the life of your animal!

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