How to scare wild boars away from the garden, vegetable patch or orchard?

In France, the wild boar population has multiplied by 20 in 40 years and today number between 2 and 3 million heads. Their proliferation is at the origin of many damage in agricultural fields, gardens, vegetable gardens and orchards. You regularly receive visits from this wild pig ? We offer several solutions to scare away wild boars without injuring them or impacting theenvironment.

Wild boars, plagues of fields and gardens

Due to their strong reproduction rate, wild boars proliferate to the point of leaving the forests to come to town. Their overcrowding has serious consequences by causing, for example, numerous accidents of the road. In the countryside, day and night, they invade crops and enter the gardens of suburban areas. Attracted by the smell of seeds oranimals (insects, snails, slugs, earthworms, small rodents…), they tear off the fences and enter private property. Then the suidae dig deep holes using their snouts to flush out their food. In passing, they stir the earth to feed on roots, bulbs, mushrooms, berries or fruits. A technique of plowing which causes considerable damage to the ground.

A rigid fence to bar access to wild boars

The first proven technique is the installation of physical barriers around the plot to be protected. But beware, the wild boar is a powerful animal which, using its muzzle, will easily destroy a fence. soft and summarily planted. An effective fence must have a welded (not twisted) mesh and indeformable. The ideal equipment is heavy, made of strong steel wires and rigid panels. It is supported by solid posts, buried deep in the ground or firmly anchored to a low wall. basement.

An electrified fence to scare away wild boars

Opt for fences electric represents an interesting solution to scare away wild boars because the pain caused by the discharge will deter them from returning. The system in ribbon is practical provided you install 3 heights different threads. Since it is with the snout that the animal raises the fence, the first electric wire must be located as close to the ground as possible, taking care to regularly clear the plants that could touch the equipment. The electric power must be dissuasive without being dangerous, 3000 volts approximately are generally recommended. If an electrical outlet is near your fence, prefer energizers to plug into sector (230V) to battery operated devices.

Grid on the ground or barbed wire to keep wild boars away

A trick to keeping wild boars out of the garden is to attach securely to flat on the floor of wire trellises iron around your fence. You will cover them with weeds or mulch and, when the animals have become entangled after the paws inside, they won’t want to try the experience again. Another method is to stretch threads barbed wire on which you will hang small bells. For fear of getting hurt and afraid of the ringing, the wild boars will turn back.

A silica-based repellent to disturb wild boars

One technique to scare away wild boars is to use a silica-based repellant transformed into talc. This product 100% natural has the advantage of being inexpensive and of not presenting any danger to the environment or to humans. You will find the article in the trade and it will then be enough to disperse the talc around the garden to repel the animal. Make the choice of repellents responds to an immediate and inexpensive need while waiting to find a solution persistent. This transient method makes it possible to quickly curb the problem of intrusions but it must be constantly renewed, otherwise it loses its effectiveness in particular because of the rains which dilute the active ingredients.

The smell of man to turn away wild boars

Of a character fearful, the wild boar usually flees when approached. Since he doesn’t like the human presence nor its smell, two grandma’s tips will help you keep it away.

  • A first method, rather funny, consists in urinate in places where animals are likely to enter. You can also mix the urine with a little water in a container (such as a tin can), and bury it, leaving only the high of the pot. Placing containers every 15 meters or so should scare off wild boars;
  • A second trick aims to disperse hair around your property. You can ask your hairdresser to collect their clients’ cut hair so that they have enough to surround your garden. Organic matter human are known to deploy real repellency efficiency in wild boars. In addition, the hairs will stick to their snouts and interfere with to breathe, which may displease them.

Home-made repellents to scare away wild boars

Provided with a very good flair, wild boars will quickly run away if they smell a foul odor hovering around them. You can thus plant sticks on which you will attach a cloth soaked in cologne or perfume that animals will sniff from a great distance. Another solution is to prepare a “homemade” repellent based ongarlic and essential oils. The recipe is simple: just pour 1 liter of boiling water over 2 crushed garlic cloves; leave to cool then add 10 drops of essential oil pepper mint and 10 drops of essential oil lemongrass. Then all you have to do is let the mixture macerate for 2 weeks, filter and then spray around the garden. A final technique that is easy to implement is to melt a pellet of camphor in water and then spray the product at the desired location. This aromatic substance with a very powerful smell is often used by gardeners to discourage wild boars who prefer to change their route.