How to show your dog that you love him? Does he feel it?

Unlike us, dogs are not endowed with speech. It is therefore difficult to share our emotions with them. Difficult but not impossible … Indeed, thanks to simple gestures, it is possible to show your dog that we love him but also to make him feel our affection. How to communicate with your dog? Here are a few tips !

Pet your dog

Petting is essential for the well-being of the dog. They are also associated with the pet. To show your affection to your dog, you need to take the time to pet and cuddle him every day. But to really show him that you love him and that he realizes it, dwell on the ear area. Your dog will be delighted! A dog’s ears are made up of many nerve endings. Also, when you pet your dog there, his body releases endorphins. These hormones are those of happiness and well-being. They can even act as a medicine.

Make time for your dog

A dog must have the place of a pet in the house. However, you still have to devote a lot of time and especially moments of complicity every day. If you just feed him and walk him around quickly, then he will feel helpless and develop some form of stress. He can even become a pot-of-glue dog! This is why, on a daily basis, you must:

  • caress it,
  • play with him,
  • walk it for 20 to 30 minutes,
  • pay attention to him.

You shouldn’t ignore a dog. Canines depend on us and most of all, they really love us. We must integrate it into our life!

Meet Your Dog’s Needs

Dogs know how to communicate, in their own way of course. And that’s good because you know your companion perfectly. Whether he’s wagging his tail, licking you, rubbing up against you, or tucking his ears back, he’s trying to tell you something! When your dog catches your eye, you need to respond. So he knows he matters to you.

A dog can also experience various emotions like fear, joy, curiosity, and even sadness. If this is the case, you have to share your emotions and sometimes reassure them. If your dog is confident, it is because he feels that you love him.

Accentuate your emotions

It is not uncommon for a person to use a different tone of voice when addressing their dog. This approach is far from being ridiculous because the dog identifies that we are talking to him. In the same vein, you can play on the emotions of your face. Dogs have the ability to recognize them. They know when you are smiling and when you are angry!

How do you know if your dog is feeling your love?

The relationship one has with a dog is special. It is also reciprocal. This is why your dog will know how to return your love to you if he feels it. Here are the signs that your dog loves you.

  • Your dog welcomes you with joy. This mark of affection proves that he loves you and that he has missed you. Accept his happiness and his “licking” and show him yourself that you love him. Know that a dog who feels the love of his masters does not fear their departure.
  • Your dog looks at you for long minutes. This habit he has means he loves you. Besides, when he stares at you, his body produces oxytocin, the love hormone.
  • Your dog wags his tail when you are talking to or caring for him. This means that he is happy to share these moments of complicity with you.
  • Your dog is looking for your contact. He is always sitting or lying at your feet, he prefers to sleep with you than in his basket, etc.
  • Your dog brings you his favorite toys. This sign shows that he loves you and that you mean to him.

The dog is very different from the cat. He is not independent and needs his master on a daily basis. He who is called man’s best friend needs the affection of his master in order to develop and be happy.