How to teach your cat to clean?

Change of environment, illness, lack of maternal education… there are several phenomena which lead cats to refuse the use of litter. If this is the case with your cat, you will have to remedy it and teach him the right cleaning habits to adopt.

The cat, naturally clean

It is often believed that the cat is naturally clean. A misconception reinforced by the habit of seeing felines lick each other to wash themselves. Of course, they are very attached to their hygiene but one thing is to know: this cleanliness is not innate, it was instilled by the mother in the kitten. After the birth, the mother will teach him to defecate in the right places and in the right way. Initially, moreover, it is she who stimulates excretion by licking the anal region and the belly of her little one. As she grows up, the latter will no longer need her to eliminate. The mother will also teach him the use of the litter box.

Teach the kitten the right cleanliness habits

When the kitten is separated from its mother very early, it does not benefit from this education. Your role will then be to teach him to be clean. From an early age, reproduce the natural gestures normally performed by the mother. Massage his stomach so he understands when to defecate. Place him directly in the litter box so he knows where to defecate. If you catch him urinating outside the bin, put it back inside. Don’t be afraid to punish him if after several weeks he continues to taint your things. Take a firm tone without rushing him too much, showing him the litter box.

A very important detail to know: when cats are stressed, they no longer pay attention to their hygiene. A pathology, a change in the home or a poor organization of the house can be at the origin of this state of stress.

Choose the litter box and place it in the right place

To get your cat to go in his litter box, choose the right one already. Vegetable or mineral matter, with or without perfume, toilet house or classic container … there are a whole set of criteria to consider before choosing a model. Houses are ideal, for example, because they offer an intimate corner for your cat while preventing the litter from scattering throughout the house. If you don’t have too much time to spend on cleaning, choose the innovative self-cleaning models which are very practical.

cat litter in the right place

Remember to install the bin in a suitable location. Avoid passage areas already, because the cat needs tranquility. Likewise, do not place the litter box near eating and sleeping places.

Pay attention to cleaning

Cats are by nature very demanding about the cleanliness of their litter box. If it is dirty, don’t be surprised if he refuses to go. But when it comes to litter cleaning, there is a real balance to be observed. Changing the litter too regularly will remove the odors that serve as a benchmark for felines. And on the contrary, when cleaning is scarce, the animal will be put off. Prefer a weekly cleaning for example.

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