How to teach your dog to walk on a leash?

If on the dog side, there is nothing more pleasant than to walk with his master, on the owner side, the trip risks turning into a nightmare if Brutus is unable to walk on a leash. To turn your walks into moments of relaxation, here’s how to teach your pooch to walk on a leash.

Start at the right time

It is very important to start dog training from an early age. Of course, this work will not be easy. The puppy is excited when discovering a new environment and has difficulty staying focused when it is time for walks. It must be said that the outside is very stimulating for him and opens up new perspectives of discovery. Despite everything, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to educate him when he is an adult. So, you need to get started now so that the animal understands what you want from it. If it is a question of a large breed, you must start learning before the dog reaches 40 kg.

Good equipment

Before starting the apprenticeship, remember to equip yourself correctly. Avoid spike collars or choke collars. These archaic materials can injure the animal when not used properly. Retractable or retractable leashes are also not recommended, because the variation in length prevents the animal from evolving correctly during the walk. They are recommended only in dogs that have already been trained.

So which lets choose? Opt for harnesses which have the advantage of not compressing the animal’s neck. They will not put you in trouble when pulled and do not cause any injury. A length of 1.5 meters to 2 meters is ideal.

A suitable environment

Reducing the stress of the animal will be the main objective when learning to walk on a leash. To do this, it is very important to start in a calm environment. Why not at your place? Have your kids train it already. Once he gets used to it, you can start heading outside. Avoid excessively noisy streets with heavy traffic. Take a walk preferably during off-peak hours. Auditory and visual stimulation may distract the animal and make learning difficult. Not to mention that when you go for walks, there will always be people who will want to stroke the doggie, another detail that is not always a factor of success.

techniques for walking dogs on a leash

Techniques to make him obey

Carry several treats with you. They will be a good source of motivation. Then position your dog near you. Start your walk. When he tries to overtake you, wrap himself around you or make other inappropriate gestures, pull on the leash while throwing “no” and “at the same time”. When he comes back, show him this is the gesture you want him to do by stroking him and giving him a treat. This long-term job requires patience, therefore, despite nature, do not give up a bit of your doggie.

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