How to travel well with your dog?

Your loyal four-legged friend can also be part of the trip when you go on vacation. Whatever your means of transport, by car, plane or train, you will have to prepare the trip so that it happens in the best possible conditions.

Preparing the dog for the trip

Travel is often stressful for a dog. The situation is new for him, but above all he risks suffering from motion sickness, regardless of the means of locomotion. So contact your veterinarian and ask him to prescribe medication to prevent nausea or vomiting. It is advisable to have him take the medicine one to two hours before the trip and often the same medicine will relax him.

For food, feed him two to three hours before the trip, but always plan his bowl so that he can eat or drink a little during breaks. Despite the medication, you are not immune to small accidents of vomiting, so keep a few towels under your elbow. If your trip is to another country, find out about the formalities to be carried out such as dog vaccination, etc.

Car trip with a dog

This is the most classic and laid back for a dog because it is surrounded by familiar faces and it is already a factor that will reduce its stress. Start by getting your dog used to the car by leaving the doors open and let him explore the car as much as he wants. If your dog weighs less than 6 kg, you can install it in a basket or a bag but beyond that, it must be in a crate or attached to a harness.

Be sure to stop every two hours to let him stretch his legs and relieve himself, but before letting him get out of the car, always put a leash on him so as not to let him escape on the road or annoy them. people. During these breaks, keep his bowl close at hand to give him a drink, as he may often be thirsty due to the heat of the vehicle. In the summer, to prevent hot weather, choose to travel during the cooler hours and even if it is very hot in the car, don’t let your dog stick his muzzle outside. With dust and wind, he may get an ear infection or get dirt in his muzzle and eyes.

By plane, with your dog

For a long trip, the dog is always put in the hold. He will be installed in his cage and the ideal would be to get him used to entering it before the trip. Install the cage in its small corner as next to its basket and encourage him to enter by putting the bowl inside. If your trip is short and the dog weighs less than 4 kg, you can keep it in the cabin by putting it in a bag. However, be sure to do your research, as the regulations may differ from company to company.

Traveling by train with your doggie

Your pooch can accompany you, but must be put in a basket if it weighs less than 6 kg. Beyond that, he must be kept on a leash and always have the muzzle handy, because if your neighbors ask you to muzzle him, you are required to do so. Count the ticket for a large dog as half the price and around € 5 for a small one in its basket.

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