How to unclog a sanibrinder?

When it came time to equip yourself, it was not possible to fix a classic toilet in your home and you found the option of the sanibrush fantastic. Indeed, installing it was like a small miracle, because it meant additional toilets while until then adding more was a feat. You did not have to break the ground, nor do the plumbing, let alone connect to any drainage system. But now that you have this type of toilet less conventional than the others, you are wondering how to unclog it. Is it the same as for “classic” toilets? Are you asking yourself questions? This is quite normal!

What exactly is a sanibrush?

A sanibrinder is a sanitary macerator that can be placed where the installation of conventional toilets is not possible. When you flush the toilet, in this system, the waste is directed to a maceration unit. On one side the remaining material is crushed, on the other, the remaining liquid is pumped out. In other words, the process is really simple. In a few seconds, the waste inside the tank is completely pulverized. Then the other liquid wastes are pumped and led to a septic tank or into the ground. When the process is finished, the maceration device inside the tank is deactivated. As soon as the toilet is filled with water again, the bowl is clean and empty. For all this to work, it is necessary to have an electrical outlet nearby to connect the motor, a water supply and a special connection to the drainage network.

To unclog your sanibrinder, use a suction cup

In the same way as for a conventional toilet, you can use a suction cup to unclog your sanibrinder. If you are used to unclogging a shower or sink hose with a suction cup, it’s the same principle. First, before using the suction cup, wear disposable gloves and remove anything you can grip by hand. Then put your suction cup in place. It must cover the entire drainage system. Press the suction cup so as to exert pressure on the bottom of the sanibrinder. This must remain well stuck and must not come off the sanibrinder. Then pull up. Repeat this process several times in a row: the interaction of the different pressures should release the blockages in the drain pipe.

To unclog your sanibrinder, use a product

Have you always feared hearing that famous phrase: “The toilets are blocked”? And today you find yourself with your sanibrinder clogged with leftover food, too much toilet paper, or clogged with wet wipes. Be aware that some relatively mild household products are good remedies. No need to use very strong commercial chemicals which could damage your sanibrinder. First of all, you can try pouring hot water. Not boiling, of course. Pour the water into the bowl of your sanibrinder at a height of about one meter. This can remove blockages. Wait a few minutes until your sanibrinder is completely unblocked again. Unfortunately, this trick doesn’t work if the drain hose itself is clogged. Biological pipe cleaning is better for the environment, but it also takes much longer. It’s up to you to decide whether you prefer to choose an aggressive cleaner that is effective immediately but pollutes and can damage your system, or to use more natural products that can unclog your sanibrush.

To unclog your sanibrinder, call a plumber

And here is the flush of your sanibrinder makes a funny noise, the water level is approaching the edge of the bowl. And the bits of toilet paper that the final flush was supposed to throw into the depths slowly spin on the surface of the water… You’ll have to quickly find a solution if you want to fix this and have quick access to your toilet again. Do you have the contact details of a good plumber or in any case a good professional able to come and help you out quickly enough? Because in some cases, this is the best solution: call in an expert. It makes sense, you use your sanibrinder several times a day. And when you move in, although it may appear superficially clean and in working order, the internal drain may not really be anymore. It gradually clogs up.

Over the years, particles of dirt, grease, hair, urine and other substances settle on the wall of the pipes. Gradually, a deposit forms which more and more closes the drainage pipe. The inevitable consequence is that the toilet becomes clogged. However, many renters and landlords wait until the extreme. Carried out regularly, professional cleaning of your sanibrinder avoids emergencies. How often you should have your sanibrinder professionally cleaned is of course at your discretion – or that of your landlord or property manager.

To avoid clogging a sanibrinder

In the future, avoid clogging your sanibrinder, it will save you a lot of trouble. So do not throw toilet paper rolls, tissues, paper towels, diapers, sanitary protections into the bowl … Think that all of this could clog your sanibrinder.