How to use a PCS card? – EconomyMorning

The banking ban forces the user to no longer be able to issue checks. However, he can use a prepaid card (PCS) in order to receive cash, pay and make withdrawals.

Use a prepaid card in the event of a banking ban

Following a payment incident or an unstable financial situation, the bank may decide to force a use to be banned from banking. This complicated situation means that this person can no longer use their checkbook to make payments. This situation usually lasts 5 years.

A solution for a banking ban exists in this case, it is the prepaid card. This card can be used to make payments and is rechargeable by transfer. It is delivered without a bank account and is secured via 3D secure. In addition, the PCS card can be used for “contactless” payment. Just buy a card from 4.90 euros and create an account without income conditions only with an ID or passport. These cards allow you not to exceed your budget since only the money on the card can be spent. Also note that no monthly fee is applied even if you no longer use your PCS card.

Open an account in the event of a banking ban

In the event of a banking ban, the user always has the possibility of opening a bank account. He can choose to create one in an agency or simply online. However, prefer an online bank which does not always ask for income conditions and is much less expensive than a traditional bank.

Note that the right to an account guaranteed by the Banque de France obliges banks to open an account for use even in the event of a banking ban. The user can thus use banking services such as withdrawing cash or depositing money.