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The jumpsuit is a wild piece in any wardrobe. In addition, the piece, because it is unique, is super practical and versatile, since to combine it with other options it is not necessary to think so much. However, there are still some doubts about how to wear overalls.

Unlike some pieces, the jumpsuit goes with any moment, be it day or night, winter or summer, wearing a jumpsuit is always a great choice. In addition, the jumpsuit is super easy to find to buy, whether in department stores or even thrift stores. There is no shortage of options for models, prints, and fabrics!

So, if you don’t already have a jumpsuit or have yours in your wardrobe, it’s time to start wearing it! To help you with this, the Women’s Area has separated some tips on how to wear overalls and inspirations with the garment. Keep reading and check it out.

How to wear overalls?

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There are countless ways to wear overalls, whether for work, movies, or a romantic dinner. So, in order not to leave you in doubt, we have separated some tips and inspirations on how to use the short, long, printed, and jeans model.

In addition, it is important to remember that accessories and shoes are essential for these looks, as they define what occasion your look suits.

Long suit

The long jumpsuit combines with several occasions, from the most serious to casual. In addition, this model, when combined with a heel, lengthens the silhouette and gives a chic and style touch to your look.

To use the piece in social events such as going to work or social gatherings, prefer plain models, without many prints and ruffles. Also try to combine it with more delicate accessories, preferably in golden color, as they add a touch of elegance and modernity to the look.

Now, if you want to use the garment on more informal occasions or during the day, prefer jumpsuits with a shorter bar and combine it with sandals or sneakers and lighter accessories, such as scarves and hats.

Short jumpsuit

For those who don’t feel well wearing long overalls or prefer shorter models, little monkeys are a great option. This model is a more stripped-down option, so it combines with day-to-day occasions, such as, for example, taking a walk in the park, going shopping, or even going clubbing.

In addition, one of the advantages of the little monkey is being able to use it with any shoes, be it sneakers, boots, sandals, or heels, everything matches!


Denim overalls reached the fashion market in the 1970s, through utility models. However, currently, the jeans fabric can already be found in several models, whether short or long.

The jeans fabric in the jumpsuit is ideal for everyday wear and gives a stylish and modern touch to the look. A tip is to combine the model with a thin high heel.


The prints are super hot for this spring-summer 2021, mainly the animal print and the floral ones. Therefore, betting on overalls in these prints can be a great option.

In addition, the printed pieces match both day and night, depending on the shoes and accessories chosen for the look.

Tips on how to wear jumpsuits with heels, sneakers, sandals, or boots


If you prefer more casual looks with a street style feel, sneakers are the best option. In addition, this combination is super modern and combines to be used during the day and also at night, ensuring comfort and style for your look.


Boots are the perfect option when wearing utility overalls. This combination is perfect for serious occasions or elegant events, as it is super modern and fashionable.


The heel is capable of transforming any basic look into a more elegant one. In addition to elongating the silhouette, the high shoes make the look with the jumpsuit even more modern and combine with both the shorter and long models.


Finally, the sandal is an ideal option for those who like more relaxed and light looks. The combination of sandals, such as sandals and papete, with overalls, is perfect for a walk in the park or a barbecue with friends.

+ Inspirations on how to wear overalls

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