I cannot pay the vet, how can I get my animal treated?

You love your pet and want the best for them, no matter what. Life sometimes has its share of unforeseen events and financial difficulties permanent or temporary, can lead to waiver of care. However, several alternatives exist in order to reduce considerably the invoice for veterinary expenses. Our solutions.

SPA dispensaries to treat your animal

The Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) has created dispensaries in order to help the most disadvantaged to have their animals treated, vaccinated, sterilized and identified (dog, cat, equine or NAC). These SPA structures, which only function with the help of donations, record nearly 90,000 animals treated per year. The conditions and criteria eligibility may differ depending on the center, which is why it is advisable to check in advance with the dispensary of your choice. Indeed, in some cases, the price is calculated according to the income of the owner and sometimes, only one free participation is requested. During the first consultation, in addition to an identity document, proof of resources proving the impossibility of having your animal treated by a veterinarian will be required (RSA certificate, notice of non-taxation, etc.). However, some centers do not require this type of document and instead ask to fill out a form attesting to the owner’s precarious situation. It exists 12 dispensaries of the SPA throughout France:

  • Le Cannet (06);
  • Marseille (13);
  • Toulouse (31);
  • Grenoble (38);
  • Orleans (45);
  • Liévin (62);
  • Perpignan (66);
  • Lyon (69);
  • Paris (75);
  • Petit Quevilly (76);
  • Poulainville (80).

The Animal Assistance Foundation: reduced veterinary rates

Like the SPA, the Animal Assistance Foundation has dispensaries in France. These structures offer veterinary services to people who encounter financial difficulties to assume the health care of their animal. Equipped with modern equipment, these clinics all employ veterinarians and auxiliaries who examine, treat, vaccinate, sterilize and operate over 30,000 animals every year. The prices are calculated according to the household income, a declaration of resources with supporting documents are therefore requested. The free can be offered to the most disadvantaged: operating on a principle of solidarity, the donations of some make it possible to finance the care granted to the most needy. Six dispensaries of the Animal Assistance Foundation are spread across France:

  • Paris (75);
  • Bordeaux (33);
  • Marseille (13);
  • Nice (06);
  • Strasbourg (67);
  • Toulon (83).

The veterinary association for all: a financial contribution

The Federation Veterinarians for all (VPT) was born from the desire of the veterinary profession to offer poor people the possibility of treating their animals. This associative network, to which any veterinarian is free to join, offers solutions to avoid giving up care in the event of financial difficulties. The association works in conjunction with social services and local authorities to determine the owners who can benefit from this solidarity medicine, under conditions of resources. Care is not free but remains very advantageous : in general, you will pay a third of the amount, the remaining two-thirds being paid by the member veterinarian and by the association. It is not possible to contact directly the federation, the request must pass through:

  • Your usual veterinarian;
  • An animal protection association;
  • Social services of your municipality or inter-municipality;
  • A veterinary school.

Animal health insurance to anticipate care

To avoid expensive expenses at the vet, one solution is to take out a health insurance animal whose financial benefit can be substantial on the long term. In fact, depending on the formula chosen, all or part of the treatment is reimbursed at each consultation. The principle: you pay a contribution in exchange for more or less coverage of costs in the event of illness, accident, vaccines, drugs, etc. The amount of contributions can range from € 10 per month for a basic contract to € 50 or more for a high-end formula.

Payment facilities with your veterinarian

The rates for services established by veterinarians sometimes seem high to us, but you should know that theinvestment achieved by these professionals is considerable. In addition to the charges represented by the premises and the staff, the veterinarian must equip himself with a multitude ofdevices costly and efficient in order to provide optimum service to our animals (radiology, anesthesia, pharmacy, operating room, analysis laboratory, etc.) In the event of financial difficulties passengers, you can request a ease of payment to your regular veterinarian. He knows you well, trusts you and will surely accept payment of the invoice in several installments. Finally, the veterinary schools are often cited as charging advantageous prices. Information taken, these structures do not always offer prices lower to those offered by some veterinarians.