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I am going to talk to you about money and wealth, because clearly, in this country, we stumble again and again on the Dutch line, that of 4,000 euros, an insurmountable horizon of the definition of wealth.

French mediocrity.

French demagoguery.

You know, I don’t do a lot of things for the money.

In reality, I don’t do anything for the money.

What makes me wake up in the morning is the desire to share information, to enlighten my fellow citizens and my readers on the economic market of the world, to participate in the collective effort of training and information more widely possible. Democracy can only feed on knowledge. Enlightened citizens means participating in the improvement of the debate and the vitality of our ailing democracy. What drives me is passion.

That being said, I have no problem with the “rich” or wealth. And if I have no problem, the same is not true of our whole “France” community, which is still genetically angry with money and the “rich”.

When you hate math you are bad at math.

I think that some will find themselves in this observation. In the same way, those who do not like music and solfeggio rarely become a great composer.

Anyone who doesn’t like plumbing will make a poor plumber.

Likewise, he who hates money, will never be friends with money.

This reasoning may seem simple to you, but I assure you it is not as simplistic as it seems.

Some people like money terribly, sometimes too much of course. Their behavior is excessive. Certainly. But in the same way some people like video games too much, too much good food, or too much nice cars, or whatever. Yet we do not get angry with food, or with beautiful cars (although some like to scratch them for free) and we even less prohibit video games and other consoles because some would behave excessively.

If you don’t like money, worse, if you hate money, then I know the outcome for you. You will always be safe from wealth and money.

Beyond that, what is money?

It is the modern version of abundance.

When I look at the world, I am always in awe of this natural abundance. It is probably easier in the countryside. Apples, pears, nuts, grow alone … nothing to do or very little. Just bend down to pick them up. Man is not made for poverty, he lives in a world of abundance. This does not prevent seeing people in pain, that is not the subject. The reality is “that there is enough of everything in the world to satisfy man’s needs, but not enough to satisfy his greed”. It is not from me, but from Gandhi.

It was valid when Gandhi said it.

It still is today.

Fighting greed is not the same as fighting money or wealth.

One can be rich in knowledge, love, knowledge, relationships, rich in others, rich in his house or his properties, but also rich in his talents, his desires, his life. Wealth is multiple, wealth is beneficial to all.

Greed is the problem.

It is greed, sin. Not wealth.

Better still, you can never help others by being poor.

You can never save others by being weak!

Firefighters can carry heavy loads, very heavy, they are enduring, strong. We do not save when we are not strong.

We need strength, and wisdom, for wisdom is to be strong and strength is to be wise.

So you have to be rich and not greedy. Simple.

When we hate the rich we cultivate the poor!

If we go further, in our country, we cultivate the poor.

From the height of my 46 years, I’ve been looking at the world for a few decades now.

Every year I see more and more poor people.

I maintain, moreover, that financial poverty is the easiest to fight.

Moreover in our country we no longer have any real poor apart from our homeless.

If you have an RSA, APL and HLM (you will notice the 3 trigrams), then, of course, it is not Byzantium, but it is far from misery.

True poverty is emotional indigence, it is psychic distress, true poverty, it is also the absence of culture, the intellectual void on which violence thrives.

When we hate the rich we cultivate the poor.

This has been happening consistently for 40 years in our country.

We cultivate the poor.

We have become a factory for the poor.

Why ?

For a very simple reason.

We hate the rich, the wealthy, and the money.

You are taught this hatred of the rich, wealth and money from school and throughout years of schooling.

A real indoctrination camp for poverty.

The goal? Take care of fighting against all forms of poverty!

To fight against poverty is not to love poverty!

We confuse struggling with something we shouldn’t like with rejecting what we should be looking for.

Incredible paradox.

We love the poor, we hate not only the rich but also the wealth.

4,000 euros per month? The middle class for Bayrou!

Yes Bayrou is right.

A couple who earns 4,000 euros together, ie an average of 2,000 euros per month, is anything but rich.

? Are you rich with an income of 4,000 euros per month?

? “We are from the middle class”, answers François @bayrou

The replay #LeGrandJury ? https: //t.co/ZgShT5tyUW pic.twitter.com/pUWHm7iMmk

– The Grand Jury (@LeGrandJury) February 7, 2021

This couple is not rich, but in a country where less than half of households pay income tax, in the fiscal sense of the term, a couple who earns 4,000 euros is almost rich, which says a lot about it. immense collective poverty in our country.

Here is the official tax schedule for 2021.

From 25,000 euros per year, you are taxed in the 30% bracket because you are among the richest !!

Terrible observation.

Appalling observation.

Everyone has to love the poor, but no one wants to be, worse, many are very afraid of becoming so.

One of the simplest ways, failing to get really rich, is not to be afraid of becoming poor, but to no longer be afraid of money, to no longer be afraid of wealth, not to find it dirty, not to confuse wealth, abundance and greed.

Our country is dying of its love for the poor and its hatred of the rich.

Our country is dying because it confuses greed and abundance.

Stay tuned.

It is already too late, but all is not lost. Prepare yourselves !

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