If the health pass, no mask is compulsory … except in a company – Economy

The umpteenth paradox in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic which is resuming in France (more than 18,000 cases in 24 hours on July 20, 2021): the Health Pass will make it possible to no longer have to wear a mask. But not everywhere… and not for everyone.

Customers will no longer have a mask, employees will

With the extension of the Health Pass announced, but not yet voted, a new measure has been added. It was published in a decree published on July 20, 2021 in the Official Journal, and is therefore in force from Wednesday July 21, 2021, the date of the first extension of the obligation to present a valid health pass.

The principle is simple: customers of establishments whose access is subject to the sanitary pass will be able to remove the mask inside. And this whatever the type of establishment, in particular, since Wednesday July 21, 2021, museums, theaters, cinemas and other cultural places welcoming more than 50 people.

The customers, therefore… but not the personnel: the mask, in company, remains obligatory in France. All employees, whether they have a valid health pass or not (the obligation of the Pass for employees not being announced until August 30, 2021) will therefore have to keep the mask.

Exceptions on a case-by-case basis depending on the situation and the will of those responsible

If the general rule is now “with the Pass, no mask” for customers, however, the latter will have to pay attention to the numerous exceptions. The decree provides that the mask can be kept compulsory in establishments.

The decision is up to the Prefect, depending on the health situation, who can impose it on all establishments or a certain type of them, but also on the operator of the place or the organizer of the event.