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The global iGaming market seems to continue its momentum with increased development. This is also the case with French iGaming, in particular over the past three months. The sector strengthens its base of commercial partnerships every day and attracts more and more players. But what are the signs that bear witness to the growing weight of iGaming in France?

What is iGaming in France?

IGaming includes all the games that can be played online for real money. Included in this category are casino games such as online slot machines, betting, or bingo. The new online casino StickyWilds casino offers more than 3,400 slot machines and games from casinos such as Book of Dead or Riche Wildes, and also has a welcome offer including € 500 and 200 free spins.

The competition being tough, professionals in the sector today owe it to themselves to have solid skills, whether in the field of web development, web marketing, content management or customer service, which uses interactive solutions increasingly at the cutting edge of technology.

Coming from Anglo-Saxon countries, this market has gradually reached France, and has just celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2020. With Italy and the United Kingdom, it can be considered as one of the pioneers in regulatory matters.

It is now a highly regulated sector since the National Gaming Authority (ANJ) replaced the National Online Gaming Regulatory Authority (ARJEL). With the ANJ, 78% of the market is regulated, compared to 11% of the time for ARJEL. The market also recorded 50 billion euros in stakes and 11 billion euros in gross gaming revenue in 2019.. It holds third place in the ranking of the largest gambling markets in Europe.

Growth of French iGaming

According to figures from recent studies, the world of French iGaming has grown exponentially over the past three months, with revenue reaching 405 million euros, 24.4% more than in the second quarter of 2020. This growth was notably sustained thanks to football betting and poker. According to the ANJ, if we compare the figures for this last quarter with those of last year at the same time, we must observe a growth of + 17%.

Many people have gone from casual to regular gamers. And especially, a large number of regular players have stopped playing with physical operators to turn to iGaming, which is now 2.7 million players and growth of + 29% in one year.

One of the reasons that push players to turn to iGaming is in particular this capacity of the sector to innovate quickly and regularly, through the release of new online casino games and new slot machines from well-known developers such as than Microgaming or NetEnt. These games even go so far as to include live blackjack or roulette games such as those offered by Evolution Gaming on the StickyWilds site.

This innovation reassures and shows that a number of investors believe in the future of iGaming. Even if the French iGaming market is only ten years old, it has been able to take advantage of this prodigious digital momentum specific to the year 2020. At such speed, are we going to see an adoption as dazzling as that of networks social? Will the majority of French people use it with the same frequency?

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