Île-de-France: the ARS orders the deprogramming of 40% of interventions

The health situation is deteriorating in Île-de-France, so that the Regional Health Agency (ARS) has given ” the order closes »To hospitals but also to private clinics in the region, to deprogram 40% of planned interventions. A decision which should make it possible to increase the number of intensive care beds.

A deteriorating health situation

If the government has decided that Île-de-France could still do without confinement during the weekends, the health situation in the region is gradually deteriorating. Thus, Monday March 8, 2021, 973 resuscitation beds out of 1,050 in all of the region’s hospitals were occupied. In order to increase the number of beds, the Île-de-France ARS orders the deprogramming of 40% of the interventions planned in hospitals and clinics in the region.

The director of the IDF regional health agency, Aurélien Rousseau, justifies this decision by ” a situation of very strong tension “. With this large-scale deprogramming, he hopes that the newly set threshold of 1,577 intensive care beds will be reached ” over the next week “.

A decision that is like an order and not a request

The previous level set at 1,127 beds, not yet reached, the decision to eliminate 40% of interventions aims to quickly exceed the previous threshold and reach the new at the same time. Aurélien Rousseau believes that every day the Île-de-France counts “ 70 to 80 admissions per day in intensive caren ”, for a lower number of outputs.

The decision to deprogram 40% of the interventions does not in any case come from a proposal or a request but rather from a firm and immediate order. The deprogramming of intervention makes many patients but also doctors uncomfortable since it is akin to a lack of care for the benefit of others. Thus, some believe that this lack of care desired by the ARS will result in the death of patients due to the health situation and not from the virus itself.