Île-de-France: the eco-tax is back on the front of the stage

A report led by the LR president of the Essonne departmental council, François Durovray, proposes to dust off the idea of ​​the eco-tax for trucks and utility vehicles in order to finance a “Marshall plan for mobility” for the greater ring of the island. -of France.

The return of the eco-tax to finance a “Marshall plan for mobility”

The report directed by François Durovray and published on Monday February 8 in the world, provides for the return of an old enemy: the ecotax. The latter could be reintroduced in Île-de-France to allow the financing of a “Marshall plan of mobilities” which would benefit the large crown of Île-de-France and no longer only Paris and the small crown as denounced by the elected officials at the origin of the report.

In order to make this plan possible, the report holders believe that the eco-tax is the solution. The report specifies that establishing ” a heavy goods vehicle environmental tax on the Ile-de-France road networks is legitimate “, it is necessary that the heavy weights ” contribute to the maintenance and development of transport infrastructure.

The painful memory of the Red Caps

The idea is not new, since it was launched in 2007 during a Grenelle de l’Environnement. Established under François Hollande’s five-year term in 2013, its lifespan was very short since the sling led by the Breton “Red Bonnets” got the better of the project costing the government more than one billion euros.. A failure that the report denounces as being ” above all a political failure, in financial, industrial and environmental terms “.

If the Bretons burned several eco-tax gantries, those in Île-de-France could be operational again very quickly. The fruit of the ecotax would allow ” rehabilitate and modernize the network “, While allowing” reduce prices and subscriptions»Paid by the inhabitants of Île-de-France.

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