Illuminating yellow, how to use? Pantone 2021 color tips and inspirations – Fashion

For fashionistas who were on call waiting for Pantone to launch the colors that will be a trend in 2021, the shades have already been released! Incidentally, among them, is the Yellow Illuminating, number 13-0647, as the next trend.

The yellow chosen for 2021 is a vivid color and is associated with joy, happiness, optimism and warmth. In addition to being able to be applied in looks, the tone can be used in decoration and promotes an air of modernity to the environment. In addition, it also has vintage references.

So, we gathered some tips on how to use Yellow Illuminating and also look inspirations and applications with the color of 2021. Keep reading and check it out!

How to Use Yellow Illuminating

For being a clear and vivid tone, the Yellow Illuminating is a great option to be included in summer looks, leaving your look even more radiant and cheerful. However, the color can also be applied in looks for winter, or even at night, as, for example, in party dresses and knit blouses.

It is also important to think about color combinations with color. One tip is to get out of the obvious and experiment with daring mixing colors and prints. Try to combine yellow with bright colors like pink and blue. But, if you prefer something more basic, combine the tone with black or Ultimate Gray, which is another color chosen by Pantone for 2021.

In addition, you can bet on accessories, nail polishes, and yellow bikinis, by the way, it is not just the clothes that the trend applies.

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