In 2020, 255 million euros of fraud detected by CAF

The family allowance fund (CAF) detected 255 million euros of fraud in 2020. A falling figure due to the drop in controls during the pandemic.

A drop in the amount of fraud at CAF due to the pandemic

The Family Allowance Fund (CAF) detected in 2020, 255.5 million euros of fraud against 323.7 million in 2019. A downward trend which is mainly explained by the reduction in the number of checks during a pandemic. 36,900 were carried out in 2020 for an average defrauded amount of 6,921 euros. If the checks have decreased, they were 49,000 in 2019, the amount defrauded has increased.

This amount only represents proven and intentional fraud. The CAF controls also make it possible to regularize the errors of the administration or of the insured. In 2020, this regularization process represented 4.3 million requests for supporting documents and 106,000 on-the-spot checks. It is also necessary to add to this procedure, automated data exchange with Pôle emploi or the tax service, which represents 32.5 million checks.

A drop in the number of checks

So, this adjustment reached an amount of 1.11 billion euros. In detail, this sum includes 829 million euros overdue, whether fraudulent or not, and 286 million euros in recalls. Thus, the share of undue in 2020 was 74% in the regularization. In 2019, it was 1.2 billion euros in regularizations that had been detected by CAF. This procedure was also little impacted by the pandemic.

Overall, social fraud is difficult to quantify in 2019, for example, different estimates included it in a range of 1 billion and 30 billion euros. In 2020, the number of phantom beneficiaries was estimated at 2.5 million.