In 2020, the French bought more at the supermarket – Economy

Containment requires, in 2020 the French have increased their purchases in supermarkets. Over the year as a whole, spending on Consumer Products and Self-Service Fees increased by 8.3%, the latest Kantar – Worldpanel 2020 report tells us.

In 2020, supermarkets are rubbing their hands

Large distribution, big winner of the health crisis? According to the latest Worldpanel 2020 panel established by Kantar, this is indeed the case. In 2020, French spending on Consumer Products and Self-Service Fees increased by 8.3%. The increase is also considerable in December: + 3.7% compared to December 2019.

This more important place for races is an obvious consequence of confinement. Indeed, when you do not eat at a restaurant for lunch, you no longer wait to arrive at the office to have your morning coffee and that you wash your hands more at home (if only because that we spend more time at home), expenses for groceries (coffee, soap and others) can only increase.

Shopping: the French went out less in stores and ordered more online

Another interesting finding: in 2020, the French went shopping less often (5 fewer visits per household in the year on average, or -6%). On the other hand, the baskets are always more filled: +3.2 euros / basket in December 2020 for example, which corresponds to an increase of 10%.

The French have also ordered more races online. In the last quarter of 2020 alone, 25% of French households (or around 7 million, compared to 5.7 million at the same time in 2019) spent more than a third of their shopping expenses on online shopping.