In Île-de-France, tourism collapses in the face of Covid-19

The health crisis has had a disastrous impact on tourism and in particular that of Île-de-France. Faced with the slaughter of bankruptcy looming on the horizon, the president of the region is asking the state for an aid plan of 10 billion euros.

Collapse of tourism in Île-de-France

Faced with the absence of tourists in her region, Valérie Pécresse sounded the alarm and asked the government for an exceptional assistance plan to prevent bankruptcies. She also warns: ” 30% of hotels and restaurants are in danger of bankruptcy “, A percentage which according to her” can be applied to the whole tourism economy “. To face the catastrophic situation, Valérie Pécresse appealed to the State.

In 2020, tourism receipts have experienced a dizzying drop of 15.5 billion euros compared to the sumptuous year 2019 to reach 6.4 billion euros in revenue and the situation does not seem to improve in 2021. The number of tourists is also in free fall. According to the regional tourism committee, they were only 17.5 million to visit the region against 51 million in 2019. A 78% drop in the number of foreign tourists and 56% in the number of French tourists.

A 10 billion euro aid plan

Faced with this endemic situation which is dragging on and slowing down the reopening of the country, Valérie Pécresse asks for the assistance of the State, recalling that ” Île-de-France is the first region affected by the collapse of tourism. We are the number one tourist destination in the world. Seven hundred events were canceled. Everything has fallen by around 70%, the number of visitors, revenues, flights … “.

We would like the State to recognize the character of a disaster-stricken tourist region and launch an emergency plan on the model of the mountain plan »Wishes Valérie Pécresse, who is asking for an emergency plan of 10 billion euros which will be added to the various aid plans already put in place by the State and by the region.