In need of an emergency locksmith: 8 mistakes not to make

If possible, try to avoid the situation of having to call in an emergency locksmith. That is to say, anticipate: leave a duplicate of the keys to your home with your family, friends or neighbors. In case. And if this situation should nevertheless happen because you forgot the keys inside or because the door closed too quickly or because the key broke, do not call a locksmith too quickly. If the use of a locksmith is unavoidable, it is a good idea to find out about your rights in advance, so that your emergency situation is not exploited by rogue providers. To this end, keep in mind: in an absolute emergency – for example, if the door closes and your stove is on or if people in need of assistance or a small child are locked inside , you can also alert the fire department or the police.

1 – don’t wait

Do you have a craving to go home absolutely now? Because if you reach a locksmith by phone and summon him to come to the scene immediately, you are going to pay a high price. Emergency intervention at a cost. See if you can’t afford it otherwise. Perhaps you can contact family and friends, so that you can schedule a locksmith’s intervention the next day?

2 – Not finding alternative solutions

Maybe you just have to break the window of your basement cellar to enter your home so as not to have to bring in a professional urgently? Breaking a tile to go through another location may cost you less than bringing in a professional locksmith, which is more urgent. Try to think about alternative solutions. Maybe other less expensive options will eventually open up to you.

3 – Not agreeing on a fixed price

You still need to call a locksmith. In this case, before moving, agree a price over the phone with him. Ask them to factor in their travel expenses and anything they plan to include in their service, so that you don’t be surprised when it comes time to pay the bill. If you can, try calling different professionals. But it is certain that you will not pay the same price if you call during the day on a working day or in the middle of the night on a Sunday. Before this happens to you, try to find out about the rates.

4 – Do not describe the exact situation to the locksmith

If you are in the situation where you need to call a locksmith, try to be as specific as possible. Did the door just slam or is the lock fully locked? What is your type of lock? Try to describe it as accurately as possible. This will allow the professional to give you the most precise estimate possible.

5 – Pay for an overpriced service

Stay calm and never accept excessive prices. Don’t let seemingly plausible arguments persuade you to pay bills that clearly exceed the usual price. After all, once you pay, there is usually little chance that the excess will be refunded to you. And there are also costs associated with getting into legal proceedings. Especially since you are not sure that these costs will be paid to you by the opposing party if you win the case.

6 – Do not call a serious and professional locksmith

If your door locks, you don’t have a duplicate of your keys handy, and you don’t know a locksmith, call the police first. She usually works with several local locksmiths. Describe your situation and ask for a recommendation from a reputable provider. Do not choose a professional located too far from your home, otherwise you will pay significant travel costs. Be sure to check the legal notices on the website of the locksmith you select and pay attention to the address there. Dodgy locksmiths often operate nationwide and give out false addresses to make it look like they are based in the affected city. The same goes for phone numbers that appear to be local but are transferred to a remote call center. This can lead to high travel costs if you use such a company.

7 – Do not make sure that the requested price is correct

Again, this is important. Before this kind of unexpected happens, find out about the rates for emergency locksmiths services. Even though there are no fixed prices, you can have orders of magnitude. Which, if applicable, will allow you to see if the amount charged is reasonable. Prices generally depend on the day of the week and the time of service; on the other hand, they depend on travel time, length of service and location – for example a large city, or a rural area. Ask for the price when you call – and compare multiple offers if possible. Try to agree on a fixed price and have it confirmed.

8 – having your hand forced

If the called locksmith puts pressure on you, for example by threatening to lock the door again, call your relatives or neighbors and if no agreement is reached, the police. You have the right to order someone out of your house or property. If the locksmith called does not respond to your request, he may be subject to criminal prosecution. If you think you’ve been the victim of a dishonest emergency service, don’t hesitate to report it. Describe the facts and, if necessary, file a complaint.