Increase in tax deductions on church donations

Emmanuel Macron has decided to make a fiscal gesture towards cults by increasing the tax deductions granted to donations to cults.

A tax deduction of up to 75%

The cults have been financially very hard hit by the health crisis, the Catholic Church for example lost 40% of its resources because of the first two confinements. To help cults in difficulty and to ease tensions arising from the law against separatism, Emmanuel Macron decided to make a fiscal gesture against them.

Thus, Emmanuel Macron will write to the various leaders of the cult in France to announce to them that the donations of the faithful would now be tax exempt up to 75% against 66% today. By this gesture, the Head of State hopes to ease tensions and renew links with the faithful of France and their cults.

A generosity limited in time and amount

However, this gesture of generosity towards the various cults of France is limited in time but also in amount. Thus, from Thursday June 3, 2021 and until December 2022, it will be possible to make tax-free donations up to 75%, if the amount does not exceed 554 euros.

With this increase in the tax deduction, the President of the Republic intends to help the cults to amortize their losses. Catholics lost 90 million euros with the health crisis, against 11 million euros loss for Protestants who are used to donations by direct debit. It is Islam that will be the least impacted by this tax gesture because there are few Muslim associations governed by the law of 1905.

It should also be noted that in the Muslim faith, the donation to worship is made in order to purify the money earned. Thus, taking advantage of a tax deduction on this donation would go against Muslim beliefs.