Increased penalties for restaurant owners who want to reopen without authorization

Restaurant owners who would like to reopen their rooms clandestinely are warned: the government has decided on stronger sanctions, for them as for their customers.

At the beginning of February, a movement of rebellion had manifested itself among several restaurant owners who wanted to reopen their rooms to customers, in violation of sanitary rules. This movement was almost nipped in the bud: Bruno Le Maire indeed announced that the establishments which would reopen would be deprived of the solidarity fund for a month. And repeat offenders would no longer receive any help. Professionals in the sector can certainly count on the support of the public authorities which, in addition to the solidarity fund, offer 100% partial unemployment coverage or exemption from social charges. But they have no prospect of resuming their activity, the government not having announced anything on this subject.

Customers are also affected

To avoid a new outbreak of wild reopening, a decree published on February 17 increases the amount of fines imposed on recalcitrant restaurateurs: this ticket, now fifth class, goes to 500 euros (against 200 euros previously). If the fine is not paid on time, it is increased by an additional 500 euros (instead of 450 euros). As for customers, they will be fined 135 euros, the same amount as the fine imposed on individuals who break the curfew.

Pressure on the government

Faced with the lack of horizon for the sector, senators proposed to the government to allow them to open the rooms for noon. And to authorize take-out after 6 p.m.: currently, only home delivery is allowed after the curfew. Proposals that put pressure on the top of the state: the curfew and restrictive measures cannot last forever, especially with a health situation showing signs of improvement.

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