India bans an additional 118 Chinese apps

Indo-China tensions have escalated in recent months in the disputed border area between the two countries in the Himalayas – Photo: AFP

According to AFP, India’s Ministry of Information Technology announced a ban of 118 applications, including services provided by Chinese internet giant Tencent, accusing the apps of provoking activities. action “prejudice the sovereignty and territorial integrity of India, defense, national security and social order”.

By page The Next WebAmong the 118 Chinese apps that have been banned by India are very popular game apps like PlayersUnknowns BattleGround (PUBG) and PUBG Lite. There are also Alipay, Sina News, LivU, ShareSave, CamCard, Baidu, Cut Cut, VooV, Tencent Weiyun, Rise of Kingdoms, Zakzak …

The PUBG app, according to India TV News, now has more than 600 million downloads with 50 million players worldwide. This app attracts millions of users, especially young people, in India.

There has been a series of disputes and fatal conflicts between India and China in the past few weeks in the Himalayas.

Earlier in July, India banned 59 Chinese apps, including TikTok and WeChat, after a border conflict occurred. Not long after that, India banned another 47 applications.

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