Industrial bedroom decor: our 10 decorating ideas

Have you dreamed of renovating an abandoned factory to make it your home? You can still create a bedroom with industrial decoration. A concrete wall, furniture with steel legs, bed linen in shades of gray and white, a movie studio-style lamp, original flooring and voila. Because ultimately, what is an industrial style? Some references or key elements and a lot of freedom around! So follow our ideas step by step to create a beautiful room with industrial decoration.

1 – Exposed brick walls

The exposed brick walls are one of the key elements of industrial decoration. But not too much, if you opt for this coating or an imitation wallpaper, choose to cover only one wall. Because bricks are visually very present elements, so do not overdo it. Especially since the principle of the industrial style is to have large volumes as in New York lofts or old factories, not to make the space smaller by overcrowding it.

2 – A dark colored floor

In the industrial style, it is about a workshop or an old factory so the floors are not polished. However, you can opt for parquet or laminate in dark gray tones.

3 – Lighting in an artist’s studio atmosphere

The freedom of the industrial style is to count a few key pieces and add contemporary elements. To mix the old and the modern. When it comes to lighting, you can install stainless steel lamps, including hanging lamps. More and more, we see pendant lights with Edison-style bulbs, which alone create the look of industrial and retro lighting.

4 – An originally dressed ceiling

You don’t have large metal beams on your bedroom ceiling? However, nothing prevents you from dressing this part of your room which often remains undecorated. How about embellishing your ceiling with thin strips of wood? Or why not dare a weathered paneling, with an aged appearance, rather in silver gray hues? You can also hang strips of wallpaper on one of your walls and let it spill over onto the ceiling.

5 – An industrial design-style headboard

The flagship association of industrial style in decoration remains wood and metal. If you buy your headboard from a store, you will find it easily. You can also try making your own headboard – why not use pallets?

6 – A raw or metallic style bed

Go back to your childhood, with a raw wood bed suspended from the ceiling. It also works for your nightstand: you can install a swing on the ceiling, which will receive your bedside lamp, your alarm clock and your glasses. You can also opt for a wrought iron bed, four poster or not. A metal bed easily finds its place in a modern bedroom. Then play with the bed linen which can change the atmosphere of this same piece of furniture completely.

7 – Bed linen on the industrial theme

Printed bricks, metal plates, wood are part of the industrial world. When it comes to duvet cover or pillows, the colors of the industrial style revolve around browns, black, white, gray and a little brick red.

8 – A factory-themed bedside table

Your current bedside tables don’t suit the industrial style you just chose? How about repainting them black? Simple pine nightstands, for example repainted in black, take on a whole new dimension. They become more elegant and make you feel like you’ve changed them, when the artist is you and not the furniture store around the corner. Of course, you can absolutely buy them. How about aged wood and black metal bedside tables?

9 – A brushed steel mirror

Industrial mirrors come in all types of shapes and sizes. Combine a metal frame, why not brushed steel, with wood and you have a pretty mirror with industrial design accents.

10 – Industrial decoration accessories

The industrial style gives pride of place to mechanics. It is fashionable to see the inner workings of a machine, to display pulleys, lighting systems, rails. The details of the mechanics are displayed in broad daylight. You can also to value them divert their use. To find this kind of objects, you have flea markets and garage sales. You will find many vintage objects there that you can divert and integrate into your industrial style decoration. A beautifully rusty old metal box and here you are with a vase perfectly suited to industrial decorating your bedroom. Because the basic “industrial” style is a style made up of many mixtures, from pallet wood furniture to furniture with luxurious finishes. Metal furniture such as cloakroom cabinets or steel clamshell furniture also have their place in a New York loft-like interior.

To sum up, keep in mind a certain minimalism above all. Think practical and functional, especially when it comes to storage furniture. Choose wood, metal and leather, alone or in combination. Leave the bricks on your wall, the metal beams on the ceiling, the cogs as decoration.