Internet: avoid getting ripped off by grazers

You may have heard of “grazers” before. Grazers are tricksters who extract tens, hundreds, sometimes thousands of euros from their victims found on the Internet.

Trust used to extract money

They get their name from the sheep, which graze the grass effortlessly. In this case, these grazers, often installed in Africa, but which can just as easily operate from France, graze the savings of their victims.

The key to their success is always, always, the confidence they manage to inspire in their victims. Moreover, the word “confidence” comes up very regularly in their exchanges.

Beware of asking for money

Also, listen to me carefully: in any exchange you may have with a stranger on the Internet, whether it is to buy a second-hand pair of shoes, a car, or even consider a date, from the The moment the word “trust” appears in the exchange, beware. Because the trick is obviously to challenge by writing “trust me”, or even to destabilize, by writing “you don’t trust me? “

Another trick: claiming to be trustworthy, by arguing about his military status for example. In any case, from the moment you are asked for money, as a guarantee, or as a token of confidence, are you saying that there is a very high risk that it is a scam …

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