Internet connection: how to prepare before a new confinement? – EconomyMorning

While the signals of a probable reconfinement are more and more numerous on the horizon, I now anticipate the consequences of a 100% return to telework, with everyone at home, including the children.

Test your internet connection

Are you connected by cable, or via fiber, but you suffer several times a day, see, several dozen times a day, from micro-cuts? It is not normal. Harass your carrier’s technical department to perform remote testing, and most likely send you a technician. For free, it goes without saying.

Plan B : ask to change your internet box. In my case, replacing the box solved the problem of micro-cuts. Are you connected via ADSL, and some days the connection is really not good? Here again, you can ask your operator to test your internet connection. I noticed for my part that the flow collapsed on rainy days : I deduced that part of the switched telephone network serving my house was poorly insulated. Is it in the house, or on the line, outside? Again, tests can tell you.

Order a SIM card

Now, since containment is probably tomorrow, so to speak, it’s coming soon, don’t hesitate to order a SIM card as a preventive measure from an operator who makes specials. At the moment, there are packages at 15 euros, with 200 Gigas bytes of data per month. This is far more than it takes to be able to cope, both for teleworking and for watching a few series or a few films.

To put it simply, say you that with 1 giga, you can watch an hour of streaming video, in normal quality. Suffice to say that 200 gigas will be suitable for most normal uses, over a month.

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