Internet speed: what about the deployment of 5G and optical fiber? – EconomyMorning

You have been hearing about the famous 5G for a few months, which mobile operators are slowly but surely starting to deploy in France.

Few 5G zones covered in France

Let’s be clear: no need to rush over it for now: you have to have a state-of-the-art phone, rather high-end and therefore rather expensive. The packages are also more expensive and the areas covered are still few. But above all, for the moment, there are no concrete applications of 5G. No one needs to download a movie in seconds to their cellphone.

It is all the more urgent to wait for the real battle to be played on one side over 4G, and the coverage of white areas where it is simply difficult to make a call or send an SMS.

Internet speed still too slow for 6 million subscribers

On the other hand, the battle for the Internet of the future is being played out on the landline, at home. There are still today 5 to 6 million French subscribers to the Internet and incidentally to the telephone who use ADSL to surf. With speeds that sometimes resemble what we had at the beginning of the century, in the 2000s. The problem is that to connect these 5 to 6 million subscribers to broadband, the investments to be made are considerable. Digging 10 kilometers of trenches to bring optical fiber to a hamlet of a few inhabitants is inconceivable.

From what I know, we are working more and more on the idea of ​​aerial fiber optic networks, laid exactly like telephone wires, sometimes even glued to them. Unfortunately, in the most remote places, the promise of 100% very high speed everywhere in France still seems very, too distant. It is currently set for 2025 by the government.

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