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At the end of 2020, more than 130 billion euros found refuge in the regulated savings accounts of the French. A mass of liquidity that will certainly be reinvested in the markets, listed or unlisted, from the first upturns. What were the most resilient investments in 2020? Which ones should be given priority in 2021? Inventory of investment opportunities to be seized.

2019 had been an exceptional year for the financial markets, suggesting a start to 2020 on this same trend. However, this was not the case. At issue: from the first quarter of the year, the specter of the Covid-19 pandemic and the implementation of containment measures led to a market collapse, culminating in the stock market crash of March 2020 . In an uncertain health and economic context, 2020 was characterized by high volatility on the financial markets.

To protect their assets, invested in particular on the stock markets, many investors opted at the first signs of the financial crisis for management under mandate, thus delegating the management of their portfolio of assets. If performance was not at its peak at the height of the crisis, it remained good and the invested capital was protected. For the year 2021, continuing to invest in the stock market by entrusting its assets within the framework of a management mandate is one of the preferred investment solutions., especially with the massive deployment of the vaccine against the coronavirus, the world economy should return to growth.

Invest in the Unlisted

While investing in the equity markets is certainly one of the most profitable investments over the long term for investors willing to invest in the stock market the money that they do not need immediately in order to sell at the right time, it is nevertheless important to diversify its assets and to invest in assets uncorrelated from the financial markets. In this regard, the Private Equity ( or private equity) is an excellent diversification opportunity. Invested in the real economy, this asset class supports companies, helps provide them with liquidity and supports them in their strategies, thus playing a key role, particularly in times of crisis. Resilient, stable, anchored in the real economy and with attractive returns: the Private Equity did not fail in 2020 and has many assets to continue to outperform other investments in 2021. Bond issues, fundraising, property dealer operations, support for real estate developers, etc. : investment strategies in Not rated have multiplied in recent years and have provided investors with attractive returns, thus arousing growing enthusiasm among private clients. A trend that should be confirmed in the years to come in view of the current crisis context and expected returns in 2021. Especially since the entry into force of the Pacte law, it is now possible to invest in the No -listed via his life insurance or his PER (Retirement Savings Plan).

Direct or indirect: focus on real estate

Real estate, often presented as a safe haven, remains an essential investment. Unlike other asset classes, this investment offers an attractive risk / return ratio and offers, depending on the system chosen, opportunities for tax optimization. Thus, investing in SCPI (Real Estate Investment Company) has many advantages. Indeed, if SCPIs were exposed to the health crisis and if those invested in the trade and hotel sectors suffered, however, this investment has proved its resilience this year. Remember, real estate is also an investment that is considered over the long term with an investment horizon of at least ten years. For 2021, in order to cushion any repercussions linked to the crisis, it is recommended to choose SCPIs invested in diversified assets, in sectors of activity spared by the crisis and in real estate located abroad, thus making it possible to optimize the taxation of rental income.

In order to take advantage of the leverage effect of the debt, it is also possible to acquire SCPI shares on credit. While investing in stone-paper offers the advantage of separating from the constraints linked to the direct management of a property, the acquisition of a bare-owner asset or of furnished accommodation should not be ruled out. and has undeniable advantages from a tax optimization perspective.

The arrival at the beginning of the year of the vaccine against Covid-19 allows investors to look at the year 2021 with greater confidence. However, many companies have been affected by the containment measures, as evidenced by the rise in unemployment last November. If this increase is less impressive than that recorded during the first confinement, the situation could deteriorate quickly. A health and economic crisis could give rise to a social crisis. At the dawn of this new year, it is therefore all the more recommended to diversify your heritage. If to ensure higher returns, it is often necessary to take a greater share of risk, it is all the more important to choose the investments in which you want to invest. And this is all the more true in the event of a crisis, where within the same asset class, not all investments are created equal.

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