Ireland fines WhatsApp 225 million euros for breaching EU privacy law

Ireland fines WhatsApp 225 million euros for breaching EU privacy law

On September 2, Ireland fined WhatsApp – Facebook’s messaging application 225 million euros ($267 million) for violating EU data privacy laws.

WhatsApp messaging app icon. Photo: AFP

Earlier, EU regulators asked Ireland to increase the fine against WhatsApp.

The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) – where Facebook and Twitter are headquartered in Europe – said the EU had asked the agency to re-evaluate and increase the proposed fine based on a number of factors. for WhatsApp’s infringement. After re-evaluating, the DPC decided to impose the above fine on WhatsApp.

Since many large technology companies such as Apple, Google or Twitter have EU headquarters located in Ireland, the DPC conducts surveillance of companies under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Over the years, the DPC has opened numerous investigations against major tech companies including Facebook, Apple, Google and Twitter.

In December 2018, the DPC launched an investigation to determine whether WhatsAp was complying with its data transparency obligations, including by informing users how their personal information is being used. use.

By December 2020, the DPC had submitted the conclusion of the investigation and proposed a fine against WhatsApp to European regulators, but the documents were rejected. Last August, the European Data Protection Authority (EDPB) adopted a binding decision, which required the DPC to increase the WhatsApp fine.