Is chocolate dangerous for cats, as it is for dogs?

Chocolate is as toxic to cats as it is to dogs. It is also one of the foods prohibited for pets because it causes serious health problems and may turn out mortal. Let’s find out the component of this food that represents a danger for the cat. Let’s also see what are the symptoms possible if the kitty is tempted by a few squares of chocolate and what to do in this specific case.

No chocolate for the cat!

It’s here theobromine who is dangerous for pets. It is a molecule contained in cocoa. Theobromine is a alkaloid, an organic substance (here of plant origin), which contains several nitrogen atoms. It has positive effects on humans, but can be devastating in cats because once ingested, it is metabolized very slowly by the animal’s body. As a result, it is also eliminated more slowly than in humans. Thus, by eating chocolate, the cat poisons itself.

However, you should know that not all chocolates contain the same amount of theobromine. In addition to pure cocoa, it is obviously the chocolate rich in cocoa (so the black) who is The most dangerous for the cat. Caution should be exercised with all food products that contain cocoa. We must also be wary of milk chocolate which many cats love because it too contains theobromine, although it is a little less consistent than in dark chocolate. As to White chocolate (which is not really chocolate by the way), it shows only a few traces of this alkaloid.

So as not to make your cat take any risk, it is better to deny him any form of chocolate or chocolate preparations and not give in under any circumstances.

How Much Cocoa or Chocolate Can Kill a Cat?

The risks to the cat’s health are proportional to the amount of chocolate ingested and the type of chocolate. It is also necessary to take into account the degree of sensitivity of the animal, but generally the master of the cat does not know this peculiarity.

In any case, the following should be remembered:

  • An average dose of 50 grams of cocoa can kill a 5 kg cat.
  • Some 5kg kitties may succumb with only 25 grams of cocoa.
  • 70 g of dark chocolate is already a lethal amount for a 5 kg cat, and it takes much less to cause the death of a small cat, which is even worse for a kitten.

Chocolate and cocoa, dangers for the cat: precautions to be taken

It is extremely important to teach children not to share their morning chocolate milk with their little cat. Also be careful if you have a gourmet little feline who can not resist a dark chocolate coulant! It can be him fatal.

A master should always take care of store food in airtight boxes to avoid tempting his pets because some are thieves, and even if they are educated, they will end up stealing food one day or another. The temptation is always the strongest.

Serious effects of cocoa / chocolate on the health of cats

We must be concerned if the cat presents symptoms following:

  • Excessive salivation,
  • Digestive disorders such as vomiting and / or diarrhea with black colored feces,
  • An increase in urination,
  • Respiratory disorders, in particular accelerated breathing,
  • Heart problems,
  • A change in the animal’s condition: state of prostration or, on the contrary, agitation,
  • Convulsions,
  • A coma.

The more chocolate the cat swallows, the more symptoms are substantial and severe. Their severity is also related to the state of health of the animal and its degree of sensitivity to theobromine.

These manifestations appear, according to the kitty, immediately or a few hours after ingestion a small portion of cocoa powder or chocolate. And they evolve in less than 24 hours. The harmful effects of this intoxication are therefore very rapid. This is the reason why at the slightest doubt, a urgent consultation is needed.

So that the veterinarian is perfectly informed, it is strongly recommended to note all the symptoms, their intensity, their duration … It is just as essential to communicate to him the time at which the cat ate chocolate, but this indication is not not always known to the master.

Warning: above all, do not do not drink milk to the animal nor try to make her vomit. Contrary to popular belief, this would only make his case worse. The only attitude to take if the cat is poisoned with chocolate, is to take it to the vet or to the veterinary clinic without delay so that it is taken care of quickly. His hospitalization may prove to be unavoidable. The responsiveness of its owner can save his life, even if – to this day – we do not have no antidote against theobromine.