Is my dog ​​responsible for the invasion of parquet fleas?

The invasion of parquet fleas is attributable to pets such as birds, breeding rats and mice, cats and of course the dog. The latter is therefore responsible for an infestation of fleas since these sucking insects take refuge first of all in its coat to soak up the animal’s blood and then have no problem invading the home as soon as the doggie has access to it. It is therefore essential to take certain precautions to prevent the living space of humans from being infested with fleas.

Parquet chip: health risks for dogs and their owners

The parquet chip (Ctenocephalides felis) is none other than the cat’s chip. In temperate regions, this flea is most frequently encountered on cats, but just as much on dogs and, globally, nearly fifty animal species are the prey since many farm animals can also to be his hosts.

However, it can be noted that other species of fleas exist. For example, infrequent in France, the flea Ctenocephalides canis is also problematic in homes and is more specific to dogs.

Whatever chip is involved, it causes misdeeds on his host, especially when the invasion is massive because in this case, the fleas take a large amount of blood to feed and can cause a anemia. This is a problem that veterinarians see especially in puppies and adult dogs that are still young. Parasitosis, plague, intestinal worms, not to mention zoonoses (diseases transmitted to humans) are among the health problems caused by this pterygote holometabolous parasitic insect.

It is fundamental to do everything possible to fight against these parasites in dogs in order to protect this animal against the harmful effects of fleas on its health, such as anemia, therefore, but also the transmission of tapeworm (Dipylidium caninum) or skin irritations due to allergenic flea saliva which causes severe dermatitis and more generally severe itching which can lead to secondary infections through scratching.

The problem is, this chip on the floor is a real pain for everyone. Her eggs fall to the ground and can remain for a long time between the slats of the parquet (hence its name). It proliferates inside the home and can cause as many health problems in humans than in dogs.

Parquet chip: the different ways to get rid of it

There are several solutions to eradicate parquet fleas and this way preserve health family members as well as that of the dog.

It is imperative to conduct a merciless fight to this parasite thanks to a systematic treatment of the whole house, a measure to be taken when raising a pet because, as we have already specified, the dog carries the parquet flea, but the cat also everything like birds among others. Moreover, in the absence of treatment, out of 10 parquet fleas, at most one is on the dog’s body. All the others are well installed in the accommodation. We can easily imagine the number of fleas lying around in a home when the dog is infested! To avoid this it is necessary:

  • To clean the whole house from top to bottom as often as possible, which imperatively includes the gaps between the parquet slats, rugs, carpets, cushions, sofas, armchairs, sofas, the dog’s basket, the throws but also the bedding … in short, all the places visited by the animal. To do this, you need, among other things:
    • Wash sheets, pillows, blankets and quilts as well as clothes steamed as soon as possible,
    • Aspire as much as possible because the vacuum cleaner eliminates more than 80% of flea eggs, without forgetting the mattresses and box springs if the dog squats the rooms and avoid sweeping since this action does not eliminate the fleas but on the contrary disperses the eggs in the house or apartment,
    • Mop the grounds,
    • Waxing the parquet after adding to the wax a few drops ofturpentine which dries up flea eggs, which helps kill parasites even before the eggs hatch,
    • Brush the complaints and the nooks and crannies for eliminate the cocoons which contain eggs, larvae but also adult fleas.
    • Brush the dog’s coat as often as possible and think about shampoo the animal regularly.
  • Of treat your dog with a pest control product. Veterinarians and pharmacies offer different solutions in spray, pipettes, tablets. At the same time, the dog must wear a flea collar. However, we must not rely only on these means of control because they are not 100% effective and it is necessary to renew them very frequently because their duration of action is limited in time so that one can notice a new contamination if one is not careful.
  • Of wash every 8 days at most basket or the blanket of the dog.

The parquet chip has no wings. It is therefore a flightless insect. This does not prevent him from moving quickly in the accommodation because she jumps high and far… A single chip jump propels it to a distance of 35 cm, which is approximately 300 times its size! It is also a tough parasite which infiltrates everywhere in addition to contaminating the dog. It is essential to multiply solutions to combat this unwanted. Finally, do not hesitate to contact a professional for a disinsection of the whole house.

Prevent parquet flea infestation

As a preventive measure, the dog should not have access to the dwelling of his masters, or should be allowed to possibly go to only one room so that the entire home is not contaminated by parquet chips. In this case, the room should be preferred where there is no bedding, no sofas and armchairs, no carpet and rugs. He should only be allowed access to a room equipped with furniture without fabric covering and the floor of which is covered with linoleum or tiling.

You should know that the parquet flea particularly likes humid places where the temperature is above 22 ° C because they are very cozy and it needs the blood of its host to reproduce. That’s all she asks in the end … Also, to cut the rug out from under her, in addition to the various wrestling solutions presented previously, we can also count on the fact that a temperature of 60 ° C makes it possible to come to the end of his larvae because they are very sensitive to high temperatures. This is why the steam cleaner is one of the essential devices to get rid of parquet fleas that the dog has introduced into the house in the medium term.