Is structural damage insurance compulsory?

All contracting authorities are required to take out structural damage insurance before starting work.

The purpose of structural damage insurance is to provide the owner with rapid financing for all repair work for construction damage. How to subscribe to this contract? What damages are covered? All the answers.

Insurance that intervenes in the event of serious construction defects

Since the Spinetta law of January 4, 1978, structural damage insurance is compulsory in the event of major construction or renovation work. This insurance must be taken out by the client before the opening of the site under penalty of being exposed to criminal penalties. These sanctions do not apply to individuals who have a home built for themselves. However, the latter have an interest in taking out damage insurance. Failing that and in the event of serious damage, they will have to take legal action to obtain success, a procedure which often lasts several years.

Once taken out, the work damage insurance is acquired for 10 years from the date of receipt of the work. If the property is sold before the expiry of this period, the guarantee is transferred to the benefit of the new successive owners.

What does the structural damage insurance cover?

This compulsory insurance covers repair work for damage covered by the ten-year guarantee. These are disasters which compromise the solidity of the dwelling (roof collapse, major cracks in the walls, subsidence of the floor, etc.), damages which make the property uninhabitable, which seriously affect its normal occupation or which do not allow ensure the safety of the occupants (water infiltration inside the accommodation, lifting of the tiling, broken pipes, malfunction of the heating system, etc.).

On the other hand, structural damage insurance does not cover disturbances occurring during construction, contractual non-conformities and, more generally, visible disturbances upon receipt, loss of rent, furniture damage and bodily injury.

When should the structural damage insurance intervene?

As you can see, book damage insurance is compulsory. This contract can be useful when there is a problem with the construction of the house. If the damage observed is covered by the ten-year guarantee, it will be necessary to declare it to the insurer in accordance with a certain formalism. The declaration must specify: the number of the insurance contract, the name of the owner and the address of the property concerned, the date of receipt of the work, the date of appearance of the disorders, their location and description, any measures to be taken. emergency that had to be taken.

The insurance company will investigate the claim within the time limits imposed: 60 days to make known its position on the guarantee, 90 days to make a proposal for compensation. In the event of payment of compensation, it must be spent on repairing the structure. Otherwise, the owner could be required to reimburse this amount to the insurer.

Compare to find the best book damage insurance

Are you concerned by the obligation to take out structural damage insurance? To get the best deal, don’t hesitate to compare contracts using an online tool. After completing a quick form, you will receive quotes that meet your expectations and can take the time to study them before proceeding with the subscription.

Know that a broker can assist you in your research. This professional has a large network of partners with whom he can negotiate guarantees and prices. In addition, he is able to answer all your questions relating to book damage insurance.

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