Is travel insurance for Jamaica mandatory? See prices and compare

Getting good travel insurance for Jamaica is one of the essentials when planning a trip around the country.

On this Caribbean island, there are lush natural landscapes and outdoor activities that make Jamaica an ideal destination for leisure.

However, as the whole trip has risks, especially those involving adventure destinations, having additional protection will make your journey through the country much more peaceful.

For this reason, it is very important to choose a reliable insurer. It is also essential to be aware of all the coverages that travel insurance will offer and if they are compatible with your trip in Jamaica.

For you to understand more about travel insurance and its main features, check out the special article that we have elaborated on the topic.

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Is travel insurance for Jamaica mandatory?

jamaica tourism
Travel insurance to Jamaica is not mandatory, but recommended.

To visit Jamaica the international health insurance it is not required. However, on any international trip it is very important to take out travel insurance.

This is because access to health services abroad may be different from what we are used to in Brazil, in addition to having a high cost.

By hiring travel insurance for Jamaica, you avoid many inconveniences and unplanned expenses should an accident or health problem happen.

If you intend to drive in Jamaica it is also very important to have the support of travel insurance.

In addition to the risks of traffic accidents, good insurance can also cover legal assistance or bail in traffic-related events.

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Jamaica Travel Insurance Price

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Seguros Promo has options from different insurers for comparison.

Jamaica travel insurance prices vary depending on the length of the trip, the chosen insurance company, the age of the travelers and the coverage offered by the insurance.

So it is very important to be aware of all this information and align it with your needs before choosing the best travel insurance.

In a simulation in the Insurance Promo, a seven-day trip through Jamaica, travel insurance rates vary between 77 reais to 666 reais (or 996 reais for people over 64).

travel insurance for jamaica 7 days
Cheapest quote for 7 days in Jamaica.

Coverage for hospital medical expenses is $ 15,000, on average for the cheapest options. And they can reach up to $ 130,000 for the most expensive insurance options.

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If your stay in the country is extended for 15 days, travel insurance starts from 165 reais for medical coverage of 15,000 US dollars.

For more extensive coverage, insurance amounts to R $ 1428 for coverage of US $ 110,000 (or R $ 2,142 for people over 64).

jamaica travel insurance 15 days
Cheapest quote for 15 days in Jamaica.

The best way to choose the ideal Jamaica travel insurance is to do a lot of research. The website Insurance Promo it is a great tool to help during your planning.

THE Insurance Promo performs a budget search among several insurers, returning values ​​for various travel insurance options.

In addition, you can also compare the different plans by choosing the features that best suit the needs of your trip through Jamaica.

Did you know that Travel Insurance is essential for your safety abroad?

In addition to being mandatory in European countries, immigration from any country can request the document to allow or deny entry.

Make a quote online at Insurance Promo, comparing the price at the best insurers. Enjoy and get up to 20% discount using the VOUDEPROMO coupon, just click the button.

Know the main advantages:

  • Best price guaranteed, coverage of any travel insurance offer;
  • Medical and hospital assistance, flight cancellation and delay insurance, luggage insurance, medical expenses reimbursement and much more;
  • IS cheaper than buying directly from insurance companies;
  • Contract cancellation no fees up to 48 hours before the trip;
  • Installment in Regular price credit cards;
  • Purchases with bank slip have 5% discount;
  • Customer service 24hs in Portuguese.

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Best coverage for Jamaica

Kingston tips
Compare the coverage offered by the operators.

To make a conscious choice of which coverage to select for a trip to Jamaica, it is necessary to take into account the needs of the people who will travel together with the risks that the destination may offer.

Another important point to note is whether travel insurance has a deductible for medical expenses, an amount that must be paid in addition if there is a need to contact the insurer.

In some options, there is no need to pay this deductible. In those that have the franchise, it is important to have prior financial planning in case there is a need to activate the insurance.

Travel insurance for Jamaica must include at least the following coverage:

  • Coverage for medical expenses;
  • Dental coverage;
  • Pharmaceutical coverage;
  • Sanitary return;
  • Medical transfer;
  • Body transfer;
  • Urgent message transmission;
  • Return trip guarantee;
  • Insurance for death or permanent disability.

With these basic covers, it is already possible to make a more peaceful trip around the Caribbean island. However, if you want more security on your trip, there are other coverages that can be included in the Insurance Promo, like:

  • Physiotherapy;
  • Return of unaccompanied minor;
  • Flight delay expenses;
  • Accompanying or family accommodation;
  • Convalescence in hotel;
  • Passage area for a family member;
  • Trip cancellation or interruption;
  • Lost luggage insurance;
  • Bail payment;
  • Damage to the suitcase

Another very important point to consider when choosing a travel insurance plan for Jamaica is the amount intended to cover each event. Among the different types of insurance, there are different coverage values.

Whereas in Jamaica, the public health system is limited, many of the most urgent and serious cases are transferred to Miami in the United States. In this way, costs can rise.

Therefore, choose an adequate coverage amount for the length of stay you will spend in Jamaica and also that relates to the activities you intend to do in the country.

Negril Attractions
Adventure sports in Jamaica | Photo: nigel burgher, via Creative Commons.

There are specific options for extreme sports insurance for those who are going to practice some risky sport on the island, whose coverage is generally not included in the cheapest travel insurance.

If you or someone who travels with you is elderly or pregnant, it is also important to check if the coverage is adequate for these conditions, since there is great variation between contracts.

So always do a lot of research and read all the clauses before closing a deal. See more about pregnant travel insurance and travel insurance for the elderly.

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How to trigger travel insurance in Jamaica

travel insurance to jamaica Montego bay
Example of an insurance policy, which you will receive all completed.

When hiring travel insurance for Jamaica, a policy is issued and sent to the customer by email. It is important to take this document with you on your trip and also leave a copy with a relative or friend who will be staying in Brazil.

If you need to activate travel insurance in Jamaica, there is a phone number to call. From the call, the attendants will give all the necessary information to assist you in a moment of urgency.

In several cases, it is also possible to activate the insurance later if it is necessary to seek health care first. Check with your insurer well about these conditions before closing negotiations and closing through Insurance Promo.

To facilitate contact with the insurer, it is very practical to record the number on your cell phone, since at the time of the emergency there may be some difficulty in finding the policy immediately.

It is also important to instruct your travel companions on how to use travel insurance, if necessary.

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Travel Safely to Jamaica

When planning your trip to the land of reggae, remember that choosing good travel insurance for Jamaica is essential to bring security and tranquility to your trip.

Although the country has a public health network, any illness or accident suffered by the traveler can bring inconvenience and high costs. In addition, access to health care can be quite complicated.

With adequate travel insurance, you will be able to enjoy your time in the country without any major concerns, as you will be covered against various incidents and will be able to count on the assistance of insurance to resolve various situations.

So do your research and choose the type of travel insurance that best suits your needs before embarking for the country. The tool Insurance Promo it will certainly help a lot in this process.

He had some doubts about taking out travel insurance for Jamaica, comment below. Be sure to share this post with friends who are on a trip to this fabulous Caribbean destination.

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