It is the consumer who could pay the Linky – EconomyMorning

The Linky is again at the heart of the controversy, this time regarding the payment of the meter. While it should cost the consumer nothing, finally Enedis could ask them to foot the bill …

A big blow to consumers. According to information from Parisian, they could indeed be called upon to pay the Linky’s bill! The device costs 130 euros, it has been installed in 32 million homes (more than 90% of the fleet). A huge project, which for Enedis represented a total bill of 5.7 billion euros. To finance this project, the company drew on its own funds to the tune of 10%, then it obtained a loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB), at a very low interest rate, for a total of combined € 5.39 billion.

32 million Linky

A loan can be repaid and the first installments for Enedis should begin next year. It is the French who would put their hands in their pockets, at an interest rate higher than that of the loan contracted with the EIB: an interesting added value for the group … For the consumer, the result will be the same, namely an invoice that could increase by around fifteen euros per year over the next seven to eight years! And we are only talking about 2 billion euros to be repaid by 2030. For the rest of the sum, it is still unclear.

A meter for the benefit of the company

On the Enedis side, we highlight the savings made thanks to the box, which will somehow offset the increase in the bill. But what is the point of having installed these meters if at the end of the day the consumer does not benefit from them? The National Federation of Granting Authorities and Regies (FNCCR) speaks of a fool’s market where only the company benefits from the situation. A standoff in perspective, especially since in 2011, Eric Besson the Minister of Industry and Energy had assured that the Linky would not cost ” not a penny ” to the French…