Jaguar will be a 100% electric brand from 2025 – economy

To bounce back from a terrible 2020 for sales and activity in general, automakers are banking on electrics. This is the case of Jaguar Land Rover, which has unveiled its ambitions.

Jaguar, the legendary luxury car brand, will become a 100% electric manufacturer from 2025. Thierry Bolloré, former Renault number 2 and now managing director of Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), unveiled the main lines of the carmaker’s strategic plan, which is relying more than ever on electricity to bounce back. The group, owned by the Indian Tata Motors, has suffered greatly in recent years and is seeking to regain profitability. The executive has not announced the first new fully electric Jaguar model, but promises a spectacularly designed model equipped with the forefront of the latest cutting-edge technology.

Change of foot for Jaguar

JLR has announced that the future XJ – an all-electric vehicle – is canceled. But Jaguar could reuse the name of the sedan as well as the technologies. As for the slightly more mainstream Land Rover brand, the group will also have its work cut out for it with six 100% electric vehicles within five years. With a first step from 2024 with a first model. By 2030, JLR is targeting 60% of sales made by electric vehicles. Then, in 2039, the company intends to become fully carbon neutral.

Two platforms for the future

To achieve this, it is necessary to adapt the production lines: two platforms have been set up for Land Rover, one will ensure the transition between heat engines and electric motors, the second only for electric. Future Jaguars will be produced with the help of this second architecture. In addition, the manufacturer is investing in fuel cell technology. Prototypes will start rolling in the UK in the next twelve months. The United Kingdom, which will also suffer a reduction in JLR investments, warned the group.

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