Japanese stocks closed down on bitcoin’s fall

Just rebounding in the previous session, Japanese stocks on April 23 hastily returned to the red color after bitcoin slipped below $ 49,000.

The Nikkei 225 index fell 0.57% on April 23 trading day. Documentary photo: AFP

At the beginning of the morning session on April 23, the Nikkei 225 lost more than 1%. The downward momentum has weakened during trading hours session afternoon, but at the end of the trading day, Nikkei 225 still fell 0.57% to 29,020.63 points. Previously, the Nikkei 225 on April 22 rebounded 2.38% to 29,188.17 points after two consecutive days of falling 2%.

The Japanese market on April 23 also recorded the Topix index closed down 0.39% to 1,914.98 points.

In contrast, Korean stocks continued to stay in the green as the Kospi index closed up 0.27% to 3,186.10 points.

China’s major stock indices all recorded the green, with the Shanghai Composite Index rising 0.26% to 3,474.17 points while the Shenzhen Component Index rose 1% higher and closed the day at 14,351. , 86 points.

On the Hong Kong market, the Hang Seng index rose 0.85%, up to the end of the day trading hours. Similarly, the S & P / ASX 200 of Australia also increased slightly to 7,060.70 points.

Meanwhile, “red” still clinging to Indian stocks with two indices Nifty 50 and BSE Sensex both slipped slightly. Investors are wary of the complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic in India when the country recorded an additional 332,000 new infections on April 23.

Overall, the MSCI Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan) still rose 0.59%.

Bitcoin price on 23/4 fell below 49,000 USD. At 3:33 am April 23 (North East American time), bitcoin’s price stood at $ 48,470.05, according to Coin Metrics data.

US stocks last night “burned” after US media reported that the Biden administration was considering raising taxes on capital surplus (CGT). The Dow Jones industrial average last night “evaporated” 321.41 points to 33,815.90, while the S&P 500 index fell 0.92% to 4,134.98 points. The index favored Nasdaq Composite technology to lose 0.94% to 13,818.41 points.

Bloomberg and the New York Times previously reported that US President Joe Biden is considering raising CGT tax from 20% to 39.6% on profits of more than $ 1 million.

On the money market, the US dollar index against other major currencies fell to 91,067, from 91,298 set previously. Japanese Yen appreciated and traded 107.91 JPY for 1 USD, compared to over 108.4 JPY / USD at the beginning of the week, while the Australian dollar fell slightly and converted 1 AUD / 0.7735 USD.

Oil prices traded by Asian time on the afternoon of April 23 went up. Futures prices for Brent crude rose 0.64% to $ 65.82 / barrel while US crude futures prices reached $ 61.97 / barrel, up 0.88%.