Jeff Bezos backs Biden’s corporate tax hike

Jeff Bezos, the boss of Amazon, has declared himself in favor of the increase in corporate taxes carried by the government of Joe Biden.

Amazon supports corporate tax hike

Yet widely criticized by the Biden administration for its tax optimization maneuvers, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos said he was in favor of the US government’s initiative to increase corporate taxes to partially finance the $ 2.2 trillion stimulus plan. Thus, Jeff Bezos showed his support in a statement published Tuesday, April 6, 2021, on Twitter: ” We support a corporate tax hike “.

A surprising support since US President Joe Biden had, a few days earlier, criticized the tax optimization methods used by a large number of companies. He then declared: ” the world’s largest companies, including Amazon, use “various legal tricks and do not pay a single penny of federal income tax “.

A corporate tax rate of 28%

In his press release, Jeff Bezos says: “ We support the vision of Joe Biden’s government to make bold investments in American infrastructure. (…) We look forward to seeing Congress and government come together to find a good solution, that is balanced and maintains or even strengthens American competitiveness.

For several years, Amazon has been in the sights of Democrats and Republicans alike, who consider the economic power of the e-commerce giant to be dangerous. Joe Biden plans to increase the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%, he also plans a project to implement minimum taxation at the international level and thus end the existence of tax havens. An announcement that could explain the sudden support of Jeff Bezos for the tax.