Jewelry and accessories trends that are on the rise in 2021

What jewelry will wear our neck, wrists, and hands well in 2021? We tell everything right here!

Each new year brings with it many fashion trends. On the jewelry side, some trends are already starting to stand out! Rings, bracelets, necklaces… Located on Instagram or even on Pinterest, here are the 2021 jewels that will dress your neck, wrists, and hands with elegance and delicacy. You will see, you will not be disappointed!

Trends in jewelry and accessories for 2021

1. Imposing rings

In 2021, the rings will be impressive! Don’t be afraid: the bigger the better. If you haven’t already, you can start thinking about buying some. Otherwise, choose rings with raised details that couldn’t be more elegant in your hand. Do you only have thin and discreet rings? This is not a problem, you can accumulate them on the same finger and give the illusion of a “big” ring. Also, don’t hesitate to put a ring on each finger if you wish. Rendering is very chic! Photo proof…


2. Mix silver and gold jewelry

A few years ago, you would have said not to mix gold and silver! But that was before. In 2021, silver and gold jewelry mix and we love the look. You can accumulate different metal bracelets on your wrist or fall in love with a necklace with gold and silver links that mix. You can also put a silver necklace along with a gold necklace. Many combinations are possible, it’s up to you to show your imagination and style!


3. Square watches

To change from the classic and traditional round dial, we present the square dial. Original and modern, the square watch will indeed be on every wrist this year! We really like its little retro side that matches all styles, and that will also sublimate all your looks. As for color, gold is very popular this year, but you can also try rose gold or silver.


4. Incompatible earrings

The fashion in 2021 will be, not to match your earrings. A small earring in one ear and a pendant or ring in the other: this is how we are going to wear our earrings this year. We really like the unstructured but stylish aspect of this trend, which today has many followers.


5. Pearls

Timeless jewelry with pearl inlays will pass the years without ever going out of style! This year, once again, pearls will be everywhere and will elegantly dress our necks, hands, and wrists. Our favorite of 2021: the beaded choker necklace whose rendering couldn’t be more chic. We also love beaded earrings! Rings, dangling earrings, or simple earrings, pearls will bring maximum glamor to your looks and that is why we love them and never get tired of them!


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