Joe Biden, savior of the American empire

Joe Biden’s stimulus package is going to bail out American households, resuscitate the nation’s economy, and fix all problems, there’s no doubt about it. The question is what will happen next.The United States has put on its donkey cap and forgotten all disbelief so that even the most unlikely, mysterious or miraculous things will be taken with the utmost seriousness and treated as if they were proven scientific facts. Take Joe Biden’s stimulus package, for example: who doesn’t believe that another injection of money from the authorities will produce a boom? According to the OECD, global growth is expected to reach 5.6% this year. Goldman Sachs, for its part, says GDP is expected to hit 6.8% in the United States in 2021. Frankly, with so much new cash flowing through the pipes, there can only be more spending. And bets. And weirdness. Obviously, consumer prices will go up. But that will be a good thing, right? It’s like giving an amateur two “brass knuckles” before sending him into the ring, isn’t it? At least that’s what the experts and philosophers of consumption will say. It will be a sign that Joe Biden’s big spending marathon is paying off. Surely the economy will “take off” then and we will all enjoy “temporary prosperity” before “permanent ruin” sets in. We will then see that the fight was rigged from the start and that Joe Biden did not give the workers a single “chance to get out”. Biden and his pedestal Whatever happens, Joe Biden has to bet that history will stumble and give him credit not for knocking out the hapless worker with his reckless bet, but for being on his side by it. helping and encouraging him with a fantasy so obviously silly it wouldn’t convince a six-year-old. Biden is probably right. We all have the internet these days and we are so well informed that we are ready to believe anything. When the history books are written, we may find Biden there on a pedestal – like that other great charlatan, Franklin Roosevelt. Perhaps also that, in several generations, sitting around a campfire (the central heating having disappeared following the explosion of the great economic / financial / social bubble of the 21st century), people will sing catchy ballads on the way Joe Biden pulled the country out of the post-Covid rut with his bold agendas. They will remember how he landed his first success with his $ 1.9 trillion bailout and how he decided to go even further with an additional trillion for a major infrastructure program (perhaps will they look around them at the unfinished highways or the rusty rails destined for a TGV that has never seen a locomotive). “He had the courage to act,” they chanted (forgetting that former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke had copyrighted the expression). Heroic Traditions and Killing Blow Yes Joe Biden continues that heroic tradition George W. Bush Barack Obama Donald J. Trump All equipped with the same basic empire-destroying formula – war abroad spending money at home bomb and print murder and fraud Every administration going further and further Until, finally, the poor average citizen finds himself flat. We will then see more clearly that the fight was rigged that he never had a single chance to win it and that in 2021 Joe Biden struck the fatal blow. For more information and advice like this, it’s here and it’s free