John Elkann: 2020 will be “the decade of the flying cars”

They have been omnipresent in science fiction for probably over a century … but so far few models have really taken off. Are flying cars close to becoming a reality and not just the fantasy of a few companies or billionaires? According to Stellantis and Ferrari president John Elkann, yes.

Flying cars: a reality of the 2020s?

For science fiction writers, who saw the year 2000 as marked by innovations galore, they should already be part of the daily lives of millions of people; not to mention the film directors who have made it a fundamental part of their vision of the future.

And if prototypes were developed very quickly, flying cars are still missing in 2021. But that could change, underlines John Elkann, and very quickly. ” This is a decade that will see many steps forward in our industry. », He declared on February 11, 2021 on the Italian Tech Speak podcast.

If the electric will become essential for the automotive industry, the president of Stellantis sees ” for example the flying cars, which any science fiction film of the last century imagined would happen much sooner “.

Dozens of projects around the world for flying cars

If we have to go back to 1946, with Robert Fulton’s Airphibian, to find the first flying car model to be approved by the FAA, the aviation regulatory authority in the United States, no series production has taken place. In 1970, the Aerocar will be the second to obtain this same certification, again without production.

We could therefore have had flying cars at the end of the 20th century … but it will be in the 2020s that they will emerge. Dozens of more or less successful projects exist, whether for wealthy individuals, like the Terrafugia TF-X or the DeLorean DR-7, or for taxi services.

It is these latter projects that are the most successful, logically having a major commercial interest and an easily implementable business plan. VTC giant Uber could even launch its first service in 2023, in Melbourne, while Dubai is seriously considering it.

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